Ancient Antarctic Ruins

I was sent on rescue to assist in the recovery of two scientists that had gone insane over the short weeks they had been ‘lost’ to the ice. There were more operations like this, I was not the only one.



Monday, October 31, 2016

Navy Engineer: I Saw Ancient Ruins, Aliens, And Top-Secret Bases In Antarctica!

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I cannot confirm if this story is authentic or not. It was provided to Linda Moultan Howe and summarized as is by The Seven Tales news outlet. 

As always, discernment is advisable. 

– Justin

SourceThe Seven Tales

by Staff Writer, February 21st 2016

On January 2nd, 2015 the editor of website received a very unexpected letter from an alleged retired U.S.  Navy Petty Officer First Class Flight Engineer.

The letter received recounts experiences where the anonymous Navy officer (refers to himself as “Brian”) recounts his bizarre and extraordinary experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica between the years 1983 to 1997. He claims that a collaboration between humans and aliens exist, and that the Antarctic is a major research ground for these incredible collaborations.

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