Non-Player Characters in Simulation

“Non-player characters.” Yes, they exist. They are the majority of the population.

Coming Changes 2016, Collective Sanity or Reality Reset

A ‘Notion of Time Alterations

The Individual Must Want To Learn or Heal

Altering The Order of Perception

Holographic Neuronal Simulation

The Unveiling of Higher Order Beings and The Time Matrix

Relativity and the Time Grid

An Interesting Simulated Perspective

Public Figures and The “Travel” and Exchange Program

Temporal Manipulation Through Brain to Machine Interface, Cloning and Quantum Computers

Intelligence and Domestic Investigation

The Ancestor Simulation Theory

Phase 3 Information, The Time of The Unveiling, Awareness and Latent Phenomena

Consciousness is A Holographic Projection of The Quantum Potential

Compressed Time Within the Simulator

Body Consciousness Unifying With Soul-Awareness and The Eye of The Needle

Vacuum-Electron Toroidal Fractal Transportation System (Compression-Implosion)

Humanity, Eternal Time, Artificial Time, Simulation

Lisa M Harrison Interviews Andrew Basiago 19 April 2015

Non-Player Character and Cycles of Time


2 thoughts on “Non-Player Characters in Simulation

    1. Not really, but that may be an easy way to comprehend it. We compare foreign concepts to concepts we’ve already experienced in order to make them fit into our understanding of the world.


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