Self-Responsibility or the Illusion of Choice?

Create what you want to see yourself. Relying on others is a trick and an outdated, “old world” system. It’s just a way for people to support the idea that they are not capable of handling their own self-responsibility and introducing others to then act as ‘overseers’ of sorts.

Of course, there are many people who do not want to handle their self-responsibilities.

If people are to support such a system, let them do it. That is for them, that is why it is here, that is how it serves its purpose.

If people are ready to accept self-responsibility, then do so and do not rely on others. Many tricks in the works, as well as disclosure. Sometimes, the trick is the disclosure designed so that those with the rest of the equation can navigate the BS and use the information to generate enough knowledge to wake up.


2 thoughts on “Self-Responsibility or the Illusion of Choice?

  1. I think you are missing my point. Your point is already implemented in my life. And I’m thankful you are bringing this up. Because it’s required for endless reasons. We won’t help anyone or anything if we can’t be self reliant. And yes if we are, we are also overseers.

    I actually got burned out trying to help folks with this stuff while I was still a major mess. I created more messes.

    The point of me saying Solar Warden is needed on the ground is because everyone has to help and too bad if people think they are too advanced to be with the people. It’s not about saving anyone at this point. It’s about ending control and all of us learning new ways. True leaders teach people how to lead themselves. Or they are controllers.

    My intention is to see everyone heal from the negativity, who is able.

    If there are so called advanced groups why did they need to destroy the earthling bodies, steal the DNA and encage the souls and manufactured humanity. Learning from observing behaviors and abilities, it looks like the folks who seed and destroy humanity need a reminder that they can’t be on earth without earthling DNA. And whether beings think they are more advanced, this system we are working to transition out of, is but one thing. A simulation of what eternal essence is. Period. Hence, just because people know how to splice DNA and jump from one brain is and body to the next, does not make them more advanced than the earthling was before they came.

    It is everyone’s job to help. And it’s the love beings job to ask. We don’t return abuse with abuse. We are eternal essence and we clearly need to help.

    I love the African proverb that says it takes a whole village to raise one child. It is this mindset I have for us now.

    Humans with enough earthling DNA are limitless. They simply need education to wake up. You are helping Aug. Eve Lorgan is helping as are many others.
    We may need individual self reliance. But as humans we do better helping each other than we do alone.


    1. I see clearly what you are saying about how sometimes negative scenarios are executed to invoke a positive response.

      But again, this is the matrix mindset. The yin/yung loop-de-loop. There is zero need to harm anyone else anymore, from now forward, period. The contract to mess with earth and earthling beings is over.

      Yes, it would have been less hassle to let them end it all. But so what if it’s more effort to clean up the mess they made.

      Yes, we have to deal with entire communities of clones and drones (that’s my term for shut down humans that only react to emotional stimuli. Because they were robbed of the education to know anything.) to deal with.

      The issue is the souls hovering need to and want to get back to the DNA they belong to. And in the experiment this became near to impossible with all the other DNA inserted into humans. Along with the system of tyranny for generating loosh.

      When we look at this, it’s really a mean lie to think parasitic races who in some cases don’t have bodies anyway, should be allowed any authority at this point for any reason. Not should Solar Warden have one piece of authority.

      The people have zero clue. And the one’s who do are without a backbone or are too mutilated to have cognitive abilities. Even doctors and teachers, police and lawyers are totally shut down.

      To say we are at a time when the individual must handle their own is another mean lie.

      Let me explain. No we can’t love anyone in a healthy, positive way unless we love ourselves this way. And no we can’t care for others without caring for ourselves. But this only applies to the working class. Everyone above working class can easily end poverty and starvation today. It’s not that hard.

      And I get it. This is also a situation where AI is out of hand. But only because beings in human bodies who only survive from vampirism live in a negative frequency. They can turn it off and the entire struggle for humanity to find its eternal essence within will end. Period. It’s time to be honest about this.

      I realize Aug, you deliver to us what they tell you. And I also know it’s not only a red pill or a blue one. We have a rainbow and more. There is never only two options.

      Meaning, chaos is only needed for this shift away from control over humanity, for the vampires. And those who think just because they’ve used witchcraft to control along with drinking blood that they know reality, are learning they were lied to. Because the science, spiritual medicine and knowledge that is in the earthling DNA is the only truth here. They took this and created metatronic science and witchcraft to simulate earthling abilities. Period

      Nothing has the power of life outside of eternal essence. EveryThing they say about this aspect of life is a lie. And have the operatives thinking they are giving them Intel. We need to remember they also simulate seeming realities and offer holographic experience so we end up perceiving lies as truth and truth as lies.

      They are freaked out because they are afraid that because the contract is over, they will all cease to exist.

      But they are not in power anymore. The Theys have to realize eternal essence can’t kill. Now they also know they don’t exist in eternal essence energy. So they think they need to keep screwing around.

      It’s time to ask for the support to keep a physical reality from the love beings.

      It’s time to calm down and chill out about anything in the matrix. The fear they have is those they mitigate to become killers will want to kill them as they learn how totally programmed everything became. They fail to remember all they need is to disconnect the DNA so the humans they control can heal. As long as they mind their own business at last and get off of and out of the minds of the elite who are fraZzled and totally creating more loosh than humanity right about now.

      This is all stuff that proves this break away civilization that thinks they are so superior to earthling DNA is false. Just because they depend on false realities and temporal timelines and manipulation of earthling DNA so they can be in human bodies and computers does not make them superior or more advanced than earthling DNA and soul consciousness. Let’s also be honest about this or they wouldn’t have played this game from the start.

      What is really real is the majority of humanity including the elite who married hybrid humanity are so deeply programmed in so many ways, the fact is, unless we help wake folks up, they can’t.

      So again, it is bullshit to say it’s up to the individual. Rather it’s up all of us to do the work to take control beings out of power on earth including the way earth and humanity are controlled under ground and in space. And to replace them with races of beings and humans who are here to clean things up. And educate the world of every race, class and creed on who everyone is. And how to heal.

      As this information becomes every day information. Accessible to everyone, then

      And Only then will we see who can handle the truth and heal. And who can’t. Because if one has so much temporal DNA it’s nearly impossible to get into eternal essence frequency.

      But, all things are possible. And eternal essence can’t kill. And even if all we can do is open the gates so eternal essence humans can heal enough to breath earth air again and walk out of the matrix to go back to our home earth. That is wonderful. And if all of us can simply work together to co-create a temporal life that gives the rest of humanity a kind life. That’s enough. That is honorable.

      Humans can use solar warden medical technology. I know those in control in Solar Warden are reading this. So I’m certain you realize and know fully your responsibility to turn your technology over to love beings to end human suffering in every way. And to restore the right people have to leave the physical when they want. So leaving the body is then never again seen as death.

      I fully expect all of you to cooperate with the will of earthling eternal essence. So this will turn out lovely for everyone.

      Time to hold hands


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