Self-Responsibility or the Illusion of Choice?

Create what you want to see yourself. Relying on others is a trick and an outdated, “old world” system. It’s just a way for people to support the idea that they are not capable of handling their own self-responsibility and introducing others to then act as ‘overseers’ of sorts.

Of course, there are many people who do not want to handle their self-responsibilities.

If people are to support such a system, let them do it. That is for them, that is why it is here, that is how it serves its purpose.

If people are ready to accept self-responsibility, then do so and do not rely on others. Many tricks in the works, as well as disclosure. Sometimes, the trick is the disclosure designed so that those with the rest of the equation can navigate the BS and use the information to generate enough knowledge to wake up.

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