Black Snake Prophecy, Spider Web Sky – Water Protectors and The Destiny of Humanity

Black Snake Prophecy, Oil, The Substance that Changed Earth

After these are put in, they spill. After they spill, the cancerous chemicals reach the population through underground springs, crops, soil, lakes, irrigation, wells, and other ways.

All the areas where these are put in. There are spills. Hundreds of them.

All the area where the are spill, people suffer, get sick and die.

Put two and two together.

“Read talk, post, tweet, get others involved. Stopped using the products. Stop supporting the [corporations] which fund this whole process.”

Are you ruled by a corpse in the land of the living dead. Or are you are real person? Prove it. This time is the test.

The real question is this:

There is a prophecy that says, “The Sky will be covered with spider webs.”

How did they know? Either they could see through their own spiritual power, across time or there is a larger kind of spiritual network of beings or beingness that allows for the transfer of knowledge through spiritual means.

We are in that age now. This is the time humanity wakes up, for goes to sleep forever.


3 thoughts on “Black Snake Prophecy, Spider Web Sky – Water Protectors and The Destiny of Humanity

  1. I agree that this is an important issue and I was/am very grateful to see this post. Today I find there is now a petition to be signed by those of us who want to help.

    Article on the man behind the Dakota Pipeline:

    Sign The Petition Here, and then circulate it:



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