Update to the Negotiations, Coming Changes, Higher Beings, and Disclosure of Manipulation

There have been terms of the agreement with the so-called “Cabal” and these were to introduce an agreeance based on the forgiveness of negative actions of physical, mental and emotional manipulation and harm unto others under the condition that such behaviors are fully exposed and those in participation agree that a process of healing and making amends on the levels that have been impacted is carried out including all who are involved.

This has been previously denied as a result of the unfathomable nature of how far the process of degradation and manipulation has gone.

What you may “bio-spheres” or entire civilizations of human beings have been used for prostitution and psycho-etheric nourishment of the so called “dark faction”.

I repeat.

Entire breakaway civilizations have been born through the use of advanced technology and manipulation and these are used as a psycho-etheric/emotional energy farm such as for the rape and molestation of individuals of all ages, races, genders and intellectual capacities.

The women of the so called dark-faction are harvested for their life-giving abilities and their spiritual energies and this is one way that these civilizations have been manipulated and produced in order to fully sustain such dark-factions which utilize these procedures in the maintenance and conditioning of their youth through the control system.

Corey Goode speaks briefly on this in his latest release and I do not agree with everything ANYONE says, however there are multiple races of “higher beings” and from my personal view they are non-physical or are entirely etheric in nature and only require a physical essence during the production of a slightly less-confusing or overwhelming interaction with a physical human being.

Physical human beings are, in part, completely etheric and non-physical consciousness. A human is a material body coupled with an immaterial etheric counterpart and there is a pure, invisible, undetectable awareness at the most subtle layer.

Large numbers of these individuals in production are claimed to be non-respected by these conditions which we apply to living humans on this planet because they are (since the technology was created) produced by a cybernetic hive-mind process and before this completely synthetic means of genetic engineering.

This is an update, a clearing, a call to awareness, a warning that these events have been taking place and those involved have in the past been given the option for the salvation of their own species and their own eternal etheric counterparts as their own cybernetic hive-mind systems have become infected and subverted out of their control.

This leads into the timeline alterations and the productions of “secondary” realms and timelines that allow these plans to be carried out while avoiding the overall disastrous effects of such manipulations on the genetic spectrum of humanity as a whole. Now these realms and these timelines can no longer be sustained without such issues coming fully into public view and this was foreseen by many conscious beings who are either observing the occurrence of this civilization or have survived the manipulation related to these events and sufficiently protected and healed themselves enough to organize this process of disclosure that we are witnessing now.

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Being dishonest, having more resources than is required, and being deceptive is not the fullest extent of what has happened here.

If people were to see the truth, they very quickly would stop fighting, arguing, picking sides, and they would realize that they are either with or without the group of conscious beings who seek to fulfill and assist in the fulfilling of humanity’s endeavor towards a higher civilization where balance, spiritual (emotional, mental, physical) harmony and wholeness, abundance and knowledge of the self and the universe can be respected and shared.

There is the possibility of disinfo agents about, regarding even my own information or any information regarding “higher beings”, saviors or otherwise.

These “higher beings” in question are literally only mentioned to describe the capacity for humanity in reaching a state of fully awakened physical and etheric conscious state. That is the higher being, the awakened and emotionally, mentally, and physically balanced human being.

With that said, there may be “no” higher beings, and that may simply be a ploy. However, there may be no higher beings outside ourselves. Humanity itself is a multidimensional race that has higher-dimensional counterparts that relate to the same superconsciousness, collective consciousness or spiritual consciousness that manifests through the refined and healing based state of awareness that is achieved when all the parts of the being are cooperating in working together in unison to create an “over harmony” of energy and consciousness which is perceived as synergetically greater than the parts individually.

Similarly, Earth is a “higher dimensional being”. Earth may, in fact, be behind this healing process. Just as you are a living “higher” being comprised physically of cells and organs, as your personality and awareness is comprised of experiences and moments, you are an extension of Earth who is similarly a “high being” comprised of individual eco-systems, lifeforms, consciousnesses, and of course humans.

There is more to speak on the alien nature of certain manipulated environments, and whether human beings were “born” here, or whether they truly belong here, but that is not the message of this post. Thank you.

Mind you there are many others speaking of this now, I was recently inspired by one of these previous releases and so I feel compelled to speak on the issues.

There is more to be said, but this will be said when all those directly involved are capable of joining together for this purpose.


On the “Links” section, on the right-hand side of this blog you can find the websites, blogs and informational references of other individuals who are speaking out in a similar fashion and are directly or indirectly involved in a similar fashion.

Again, I only support the ideas of any individuals involved regarding the situation involving the “Cabal” and the possibility that Humanity has begun negotiations for the release of prisoners from the manipulation system that spans across multiple-realities.

I do not necessarily condone the concept of higher beings, however the process of the negotiations are real, even if they are yet another layer of disinformation and confusion. They are taking place and the darkness that is being revealed, the manipulation, the abuse, is taking place as well.

This is what I am speaking on in this message, this is what I am directly looking at. If we can bring awareness to this manipulation and abuse, not only of Earth humans but of all kinds of beings, then we will be helping to heal this layer of experience in the universe.

There is much more to be said, clarified, added and explained however this is the basis of what is occurring now.

Many systems are converging and many plans to make the truth public are taking place.

Note: I am relaying what I experienced. I am just a person with experiences and a unique perspective from them.


3 thoughts on “Update to the Negotiations, Coming Changes, Higher Beings, and Disclosure of Manipulation

  1. We can and we are. When people who say this are willing to come together with everyone no matter what, we will experience the wonders you say you desire.

    The people blogging and the people responding in the blogs are the people between the control beings and the people. We need to show with our actions not just words here. So the control beings who are in human bodies can learn from example how to begin service to others. And the people can begin letting go of the fears and pain.

    In honor of life.
    For we are one.

    Thank you for using your wonderful gift to write Aug.

    Liked by 1 person

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