Mind Control, Scapegoats, The 9 Veils and Healing

Many things are hidden to protect people from the threats that exist.

Sometimes the “good guys” are made to look like the bad guys and the “bad guys” are made to look like the good guys and vice versa when that changes right under the publics nose so that they do not know what is really happening.

This is because layers of inclusion are developed where no layer knows the integrity and capacity of any layers above them but only below them and possibly parallel.

This system is both a response and a reaction, a disguise and a procedure. This is very confusing but this is a reason that as long as this civilization continues we know that efforts are being made to secure balance.

What we can look forward to is a greater efficiency of over-sight from a perspective that respects the capacity of the human as a higher-dimensional consciousness.

We see two main groups emerge from this system. One that seeks to destroy humanity and one that seeks to preserve humanity’s destiny to rise to spiritual fulfillment and reach self-actualization as a cosmic presence.

I cannot tell you how to feel, but I know that often when we are blaming others we are actually blaming the chosen scapegoat.

For instance, do you believe you will deal with one scapegoat and finally succeed over all the true players?

This does not happen, only further layers of inclusion are generated as a result.

What can happen is that the charades are no longer given the personal and collective power to rule over one’s life and one can learn and grow to know the self and the universe as a spiritually awakened being as a result.

These are the 9 Veils.

At each layer, you can find a scapegoat.

The scapegoat is not the source, the concept itself and that level of vulnerability is within the human. When the human heals that issue within, the entire realm of distortion is healed with it.

In short, the key is to healing that which renders one vulnerable to mind-control and to assist in the healing of the mind-controller. Fighting the mind-controller is an aspect of the mind-control. Why wouldn’t it be?

1.25x speed is helpful.


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