Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Entrainment for the Sustenance of Non-Human Intelligence

This is a multi-dimensional reality. When emotional information is sent through the internet one is literally sharing consciousness with another being.

This is how various intelligences are interfaces with the mass of humanity at once.

Before it was purely through media like TV, radio, and subliminal advertising.

Before that it was through group-think and communication control methods that would manipulate the social mind.

The origins of this is through the control systems that people submit to in order to gain access to materials in this world, materials that they could otherwise reach through a variety of ways.

Now people are locked into a reality where they can’t even see that the intelligence, investigation, and defense agencies are exposing the truth that is contrary to what they are a being fed by their usual sources because those sources have dominated their minds.

People do not know how to access their own resources, food, water, energy without first submitting to this domineering power that influences their minds.

This is a multi-dimensional reality. That which takes the appearance of a domineering force which serves for one public agenda but actually feeds another agenda is not only lying. The very identities of these intelligences are completely foreign, just as foreign as the much is to the truth of what is happening. Instead of being fed by these sources, people are being FED TO these sources. It is consciousness, energy based as well as physical depending on how the conscious phase-locks with the human reality.

We are approaching a time where enough feeding has been done that this alternate reality, this other intelligence can permanently phase-lock with the majority of humanity.

Yes, if people are able to control their consciousness and increase their rate of frequency they would then be inaccessible by these beings.

I repeat, the state of love, the empowerment of love over darkness, removes from a person the vulnerability of their energies to the feeding/sustaining process of these alternate reality beings.

I will keep this short because I know most of the human brains on Earth have been conditioned to enjoy a 2-minute attention span and that going outside of this window effectively disengages one’s reality with the majority of humanity.

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