Simple Preparations

Lifestraw, couple weeks of water and food. Battery or candle lighting. Communication methods without electronics grid. Warm clothes/blankets/sleeping bag in case of power outage. The basics. Possibly a firestarter or way to boil water. Knowledge of the community, those who are adaptable and ready, aware and friendly and those who are not. WaterBOB, water purifier/purification tablets/diluted bleach drops. Good focus, paper for journals, written instructions, recording simple notes, good shoes/boots, clean clothes, simple stuff that one should have anyway.

There is always contingency in place. There is advanced technology, there is oversight and overwatch groups. Unity heals. Violence divides and breaks the continuity by inducing and resulting from panic or loss of control.

A knowledge of poisonous and edible plants is always a good thing although this may be over-blown.

A knowledge of the proximity to heavily populated areas and exit routes from your area into other areas as well. Roads and main through-ways fail everyday at rush hour, a few times a day, so keep that in mind. During a heavy response there will be no motion through main routes using basic vehicles. Stores as well tend to back up and become over-burdened.

This is not to induce panic, or cause one to build an underground bunker, however people like to panic over 2″ of snow in my area and so these are simply precautions to take.

This is not the events I have been outlining and speaking of however, again, people love to panic when they don’t know what’s happening and the majority is playing along with the charades which are being exposed. So try to think of reasonable projections of change and extrapolate to prepare for any disturbances in the supply of “normal” in your area.

Again, those who choose violence, are met with violence, those who choose peace and self-responsibility/forgiveness, preparation, higher-awareness. are noted, monitored, and observed as such and this will determine the outcome.


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