Choose A Hand (the rant)

If you agree to use that system, then you are bound by spiritual law to deal with the consequences!

It’s like this, someone walks up to you and says, “Hey, I either get to slap you with the left hand or the right. Pick one.”

Every one who picks a hand immediately gets slapped in the face.

The people who simply side-step and observe watch everyone get slapped in the face.

Deal with it. It’s a trick of the mind! A game! Pick from two choices that someone designed for you through a fraudulent system?

That’s like saying they couldn’t possibly imagine what would happen if people picked the OTHER choice. THEY DESIGNED BOTH CHOICES. THEY DESIGNED THE GAME. Picking a choice is just a way to hand over your own self-responsibility and FURTHER the same system of mind control.

Or, some people just like getting repeatedly slapped in the face for 200 years because then they can pile on the rest of THEIR problems on the guy who slapped them.

Sure enough, when they rile up! Get together with their pitch forks and torches!

They pull that person’s head off!

And find robot parts and wires sticking out…..CONFUSION, ORDO AB CHAOS.

It works well unless people make their own game instead of only listening to the guy asking them to pick how they get slapped in the face. Choose self-responsibility, peace, and reasoning. LEARN ABOUT THE UNIVERSE. Learn about the self! Learn about CONSCIOUSNESS! Learn about psychology! Learn about how all of this works. Don’t just dump it on someone else and say, “There, now make everything peachy.” Just think!



3 thoughts on “Choose A Hand (the rant)

  1. I like that robot parts and wires.. I was thinking of what I do when silly ‘2-choice’ options are given like the infamous red/blue pill from the matrix movies. When anyone presents me with choices like this created by someone else, I just smile, make funny faces, do twirls around them and dance until they’re either totally confused, annoyed, laugh, or something else. I’ve never seen mechanized parts fly, but I think it would be fun to see the machine-bot question imposer implode (exploding would be a bit messy, and who’s gonna clean that up?). I’ll forever think of people who present me with these options now as steampunk bots with cog teeth, springs bouncing out their ears and crazy eyes spinning shiny pinwheels at me..


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