The Programmed Reality, Progress or Degradation of the Self-Awareness

The program is not whether you win or not. It’s whether you cheat.
Of course the maker of the program cannot be from inside the program, thus the maker is from outside. The one who cheats, who inverts the meaning to get what they want, those are the redirectors of that original essence. All beings redirect original essence, but some reinforce it in that process and some degrade it. The cheaters enslave themselves to the program by ensuring that they can’t move past it to the highest level of existence.

The secret is, we are all trapped in the program by choosing to take this journey of learning and self-becoming. Those who enter the program and cheat forget that higher nature of self and thus lower their identity to that layer of the program. 

That which we experience is recursive or to be expected again. For every one being, “two beings” expect it. What one chooses to allow to be felt through their experience or beingness (which is all things they are connected and extended from and to their physical being) is also propagated as a signal and reinforced for others to experience. Before it becomes full cycle, full circle, or recycled, a recursive loop is formed and they are met with the experience again as a result of their own propagation of those beliefs, thoughts, or emissions that flow through them.

When one chooses to emit what they seem to experience from their self or others then their experience reinforces that for all selves. Each being is two beings in that sense that they can experience, reinforce, reintegrate, and re-experience what they emit and thus what they seek. What we seek, we experience, what we seek we emit, and what we emit, is then what we seek. It’s all one large cycle of reflection and reintegration of our own energies THROUGH reality and others. We attract others and experiences to fulfill this role of experiencing the true self because we will continue to experience randomly if control is not taken by the power of choice or free-will. When this choice is made, only then can it be said that the true-self is acknowledged, otherwise reality is just happening. It is all happening anyway, but when we purposely create the proper feedback loops we are creators rather than just the one experiencing it happening to them.

In this way one who is aware of this process of self becoming can re-encode experience to propagate their mind into reality. It is already happening, once they use free-will to observe and guide the process they are experiencing everything as a result of their self, their mind.

Mind and reality, in this way, are two sides of the same higher dimensional aspect of existence. Existence itself is a constantly recurring and automatically updating higher dimensional occurrence.

Like in the matrix the bots can be co-opted just as animals can be co-opted by higher beings as the natives know.

That is the system that the controllers are trying to create for themselves. Animal people that can be co-opted and made into a robotic force whose will can be co-opted at the desire of the controllers.

The controllers of this level expected the higher beings to turn their backs on the system and allow this to happen.

With every breath you are encoding your own beliefs. With every belief you are encoding your state of being and self. 

Reality is configured through programs, beliefs, psychology and reactions are simulated or predetermined through the clever application of these mental mechanisms.


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