Remedy to Legal Fiction, Land of the Dead, Maritime Martial Law, Alternate Dimension, Withdrawal “Death” of the Fictional Legal Identity

This is the way to nullify the identity veil. Abandon the false values and identity of the slave-name, debt-slave system.

The identity is tied to the fictional character. The legal fiction, legal fraud concept of taking one human life and enlisting it as collateral for a corporate entity which then imposes its designed/programmed will or right to punish or take from the living being based on the consent of the living being to use the dead-to rights name or identity of the non living fictional identity.
This is character fraud and works through the operation of grammatical errors or dog-Latin in which the contracts are illegitimate but if ones actions or silence is misconstrued as their consent then they are legally bound to follow orders.

This system has gone digital and is intelligently capable of harnessing the DNA/bloodline of the human being meaning it will follow through the dimensions through time and through generations. That is part of the generational curse system, that is the hungry ghost that hurts people down in the afterlife using scalar weaponry and attempts to trick or pull them into it’s own world.

We were warned.

I am sharing this video specifically because of the remedy included which involves withdrawing one’s consent and will from the legal fiction system. Essentially, these are two schools of thought, one that sees humans as assets in part of a chattel system and one that delivers from the original free-will of divine consciousness.

I was told that we must abandon the fictional title given to us so that we are merged with the fictional corporate system, the corpse.

The corpse is the land of the living dead, operating through maritime martial law, in the wartime society, apart from the common name law of the land of the living.

This is literally an alternate dimension, separated from the natural continuum and it is collapsing.

Forgive the abrasive nature of this video I am only referencing the “remedy” and I want to edit this video but I feel there would be repercussions from the author for editing. There is much knowledge in all schools of spirituality, very much so including these ancient understandings that Judaism and Hebrew knowledge holds, if not more so than others. So excuse that portion of this guy’s video and see about the legal remedy to the fictional entity/entitlement system.


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