Corruption is a given, not the substance of The Unveiling

The big “unveiling” is not about corruption, it’s literally about other worlds, non-human entities, and interdimensional contact. This is the litmus test, if people want to see more and more corruption like turning over rocks to find worms, they find, literally a sea of that.

“Corruption”. That’s plain as day for anyone who has eyes to see.

If they want to see the truth, know how this really impacts their self and what’s going on? Then they get that.

There is no end, it can go on until everyone has completely been stripped of their world view and comprehension and this world becomes another one, this society another one.

The whole point is if people want to see the truth and the interdimensional nature of reality, then they finally get it.

If people want to see more and more corruption and focus on that, then that’s the world they get.

It’s all a projection system that is being used to manifest the next layer of reality. The idea is that there are already all layers of reality in existence. We are already a part of multiple layers of reality. There is no ‘attacking’ corruption and getting to the other layers. We focus on the real truth about reality, not the corruption and how much it takes up people’s attention and then we get the truth.

What? People who you allow to send you to war to beat up and subdue brown people countries while they gut your banking system, sell and run everything by the cheapest bidder, rail out the economy, operate through a fraudulent reserve system, only use false fronts and makeshift acts and characters…what? They’re dishonest?

The whole point is that if a person has to have them tell the people that, if they wait for that, then that is what their reality is based. If you can already guess that fraudulent system, war crimes, a system that has gutted economies since a thousand years or more, one that follows ancient knowledge, a people that don’t know the origins of humanity, the true nature of the cosmos, etc etc etc, if the person can’t guess that this is obviously a part of a much larger system then this system is where that person stays.

It’s a sham, a show, people have been conditioned, trained, to bark at the owner for more food, meanwhile they are meant to be free. That is the whole point, but they must attain their freedom of mind first. That is the process, if they attempt to get free physically without freeing their mind, then they get the illusion of freedom.

Seeing the corruption is a doorway to the reality of the situation. Stopping at the corruption is a deception in and of itself.



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