Disclosure of Non-Human Entities, Gas-lighting and Scapegoats

All of this is leading up to the disclosure of non-human entities.

The ones that are being presented as the “bad ones” are just the scapegoats, that’s the whole point.

What is going to happen is the largest gas-lighting program in history.

It only takes a few. However it will get rough before it gets better. Unless the majority chooses peace and awareness.

That is the real fulfillment. Not just having a certain perception of control while people are still living within the projection of being ruled over. That is the illusion

Cognitive dissonance is what holds people back from living in the real world, or just seeing the truth behind the illusion. It’s a planned mind-game of who will be affected by what later of dissonance where and when and how this will influence society as a whole.

Here is an interesting comment:


The following was pointed out: “Full Disclosure won’t happen. The word “Disclosure” is being used because it’s a play on words. This isn’t Disclosure, it’s Dis-Closure – there is no closure! There is no end to it.” Perhaps the collective will rather break the word spell to manifest full awareness.


My response:
Maybe that ‘disclosure’ is a ‘telling’ or a giving of information regarding the secrets that one must learn from within. It is a hint and a play, yes, but that is the game of this realm. As well, it could be that what will be “disclosed” will always be the layer that has been created for that while there are many layers deep. It could be that the entirety of the show is so deep that it is literally incomprehensible to those who do not confront the truth with their whole being. In short, those who do not achieve the truth through their own discernment but rely on others will not receive it.

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