Entering Phase 1 Public Disclosure

I feel we are about to enter phase 1 of public disclosure. Edit: You know what. What am I saying? WE HAVE JUST ENTERED PHASE 1 OF PUBLIC DISCLOSURE. THIS CIVILIZATION WILL NOT BE THE SAME FROM THIS POINT FORWARD. It never is from any point forward, but read between the lines. The events taking place and the information being made available to people is unprecedented.

This is INSIDE OUT disclosure. The information is being DISPLAYED to the public now and it is UNDENIABLE.

Now how to go about this?

  • Panic works against the people. Peace works for the whole
  • The ultimate truth is within.
  • Advanced technology may be unveiled in order to maintain stability and peace
  • The public events are a ruse to teach people to discern
  • There are many layers and unless there is internal discernment the truth will remain hidden
  • The system is moving forward in peace
  • Anyone acting out of vengeance will reflect and receive that
  • Anyone acting in forgiveness will reflect that
  • The above two are not exact, but for the general population, how the events play out will be determined by how the population accepts the truth
    How that will turn out or what will happen on the pathway there is determined in the process regarding the people but this is only because there is a wildcard that the masses might suddenly want the harsh truth instead of pleasant lies and illusions which is what is all around.
    People can see that and realize, ‘it’s all a show’. In that way, see the truth, without getting polarized.

    When the pain is “utilized” to navigate true awareness, then we are no longer reacting or manipulated by pain.

Everything is wrapped in layers of disinfo.

http://theunveilingofthehiddenknowledge.wordpress.com/ Please share this with those who know and will listen.

I was shown how the events taking place now are to awaken humanity, not to trick people or hurt them. This whole thing is about helping humanity learn to discern instead of just believe or blindly accept or feel fear.

The people are just playing roles, they are trying to help in the way that they know how. There has been much deception even with that said and much difficulty to get through. This whole time is about getting through the darkness by learning to increase awareness and find one’s light. That is a metaphor as is the concept that to find the light one does not only think light, they must also know where the darkness is.


3 thoughts on “Entering Phase 1 Public Disclosure

  1. We keep hearing the seeding and destroying of, “humanity” was to teach the race to grow. That these controlled events that cause agony for earthling hearts is for the well being of humanity.

    Again, this is a controlled alien perspective. Humanity only has a few earthlings running around with everyone. Humanity has endless clones that have no wisdom or heart. Humanity is a hybrid of earthling DNA and alien DNA.

    As you have already admitted.

    And the souls who belong to earthling DNA can’t reunite with all the other alien races in the mix.

    This can’t be about anyone caring about humanity or earthling beings. It’s just another loosh job pretending to care.

    Don’t mean to sound negative. I’m just saying it like it is from the eyes of earth.

    Opinions are like heads. Everybody has one.

    And love is kind. Or its another lie, illusion, manipulation or just a plain trick.

    In honor of life
    With love for all


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