Peace and Awareness is the Answer

A violent uprising will send us back many years. We are to be peaceful and calm. Spread peace to those around you who will listen. Peace is from knowledge and awareness. Only those who know the true self will make the right choices. The rest is a play and charades. This whole situation is about getting out of ego mindset.

To put it simply if there is some darker power behind the humans charade and people literally just play along and get mad at the charades then their minds are already controlled past the point of thinking clearly. Those choices end up harming more than they help. It’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum. People are then puffing out their chests, getting together, and what’s their plan to unveil this great truth? Is it to know the self? Is it to walk alway from the corruption the fraud system, the games? What is their plan?

They want t walk right up to the charades that have manipulated them for 200 to 2000 conscious years and say? “Hey! I demand this fraud system works for me! Make this system gimmie stuff! I want fancy stuff, shiny stuff, my own tv show! Fancy cars! I ant to be famous on the world scene! I don’t know or care about starving children! I want a cool title and fancy Aryan scapegoat leader! I’m not racist, spoiled, immature, ignorant, dangerous, egotistical! I want this stupid system to work for me! Me, me, me and no one else in the world! All that other stuff? Knowledge of the self, infrastructure, more and banking fraud, war-mongering, lower consciousness, higher consciousness, false commercial law system, native abuse/intrusion, fraud banking system, pollution, secret military experiments, mind control? We don’t care about all of that! We just want YOU who performed all of this, we want you to all of the sudden switch up and fluff our bums! Make everything sweet and dandy! False flags? Nah we don’t care, just tell us how to do stuff in a way that’s really cool and makes us the coolest most fashionable country in the world! Toxic food? Big gulps? Monsanto? GMO? Cyborg? All done by the same system we are demanding to give us something else. I don’t know…but are we gonna try and use that same system that they invented to some how make them give us something new after all this time? Hell yea! We’re gonna use our big gulps and lazy mindsets to demand change from people who designed a game system to buy them time while they dominate us. Because that makes sense to us!”

If this was over the top then you are just beginning to see the reality of things. Many people are moving inland away from the coasts and heavily populated areas.


Questions and Comments

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