Casting my Vote on the Underground Bases

As far as the situations and scenarios that people are placed into in order to find a more refined sense of self by giving the individual the opportunity to cast away fear and in that sense be born anew, I support the process with a few simple considerations.

As long as the individual is not injured.

As long as the individual is not killed.

The definition of injury can be a fine line here yet the idea is that if a person is simply angry, disrespectful, or unwilling to accept that they were initially wrong, out of ego or personal distortion, then that is not an injury and the person must learn on their own to accept the situation for what it is.

If a person is damaged to the point where they cannot feed themselves, or carry out aspects of their daily existence to the point where that would normally be classified as a disability or physical injury, then yes of course that is injurious harm and should be avoided and all involved should be considered by a superior authority overseeing these issues.

Again, if an individual is simply being stubborn, then that is there duty to overcome their ego and their prideful manners in order to gain access to the higher-awareness of the truth and help themselves and everyone else through that.

They’ll learn, they’ll heal, and they’ll be stronger for it.


One thought on “Casting my Vote on the Underground Bases

  1. It seems it would be better to speak than comment here. I’m not into conflict. I hope we can share different observations and conclusions with joy for learning. Rather than who is right and who is wrong.

    You brought up being right or wrong. Being willing to stand corrected or not.

    I respond to this as defined control. If a tyrannical regime demands x is right. Why does anything they think look right? Yet they demand they are right and kill to defend this.

    If a person is transsexual, is it wrong to be one sex or the other in public?

    If someone has essence and another doesn’t, is the synthetic biology wrong for practicing witchcraft? Do they know better? Do they have a frame of reference to see anything else? Is the earthling wrong for not complying?

    What is stubborn to one is a backbone to another.

    In the west we think burping is rude at the table. In Chinese culture, if one doesn’t burp at the end of a meal,the chef is insulted.

    In the east the tea cup is turned over and the cup turned a full circle. So the elders can read the leaves. In the west it’s considered bad manners to play with the dishes.

    Who then of the two had ego? Or can we know? Is it possible that one from either side is of a pure heart? Where then is anyone wrong?

    It looks like Solar Warden can only assume certain things. Even if you Aug are kind in your mind. And respectful. What if to another you are curt, bold and rude.

    And what if some perceive me as honoring free speech. And some think I’m just a mole trying to start something. Or maybe to some I’m acting out. What if others are saying, thank life she spoke up! It’s about time somebody does?

    Maybe there aren’t enough earthling beings around. So most people think we are simply out to lunch? And what if our frequency is the only reason any of us are still here?

    It’s like a drug addict trying to heal doesn’t want to listen to someone who’s never been there.

    So how can Solar Warden. A race of artificial intelligence technology and humanoid robots and some with stolen earthling DNA know anything about how it feels to be an earthling. How can earthling beings know you?

    Solar Warden created synthetic love. Earthling beings came back to correct? I’m not sure. I think it’s just that if we hadn’t, everyone and everything we became in the matrix would have ceased to exist.

    It’s not a cry for help to be here. It’s that everything else pulled us back. It’s everything you talk about Aug.

    Is it wrong that we are here? Only to artificial intelligence and control beings who live in fear. The fear Solar Warden generates to keep control.
    Fear because without our DNA anyone who isn’t earthling can’t be here.

    Is it our cry for help or yours? Not necessarily you Aug. But Solar Warden. And the beings who die when we wake up and take back our minds.

    Truly, it’s a time for unconditional love.

    Thank you Aug. Humanity needs you maybe more than you know.


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