Do not waste time with Walking Energy Parasites

Don’t waste your life on people who don’t support you. They are like parasites that don’t have their own identity or energy and will only seek to consume your own meaning and power until there is nothing left.

Yes, believe. The parasite is the most powerful essence on the planet, to the unguarded and unprepared. It is similar to a black hole. Meaning, there is no end, it can eat its weight. Then again. Then again. Then again. There is no “full” because the process of soaking up is actually what is happening on it’s end and so everything it eats and being taken from it.

The opposite is true for the awakened one. It is like the sun. There is no end to the giving, the power, the peace.

Yet, humans have a weak spot. People like to make friends while only interacting with the surface level personality wise or even physicality wise. This is an illusion. The clever parasite will use the guise of a healthy individual smiling and appearing ready to be a part of the team only to infiltrate and then use everyone’s kindness against them while manipulating the situation for their own benefit. Quite literally, their energy systems are inverted/negated and they drain the energy of those around them and attempt do so to Earth itself, everything on this plane.

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The individual must be on guard with those unfamiliar, and ready to pay no mind to listening to the charades of the socio-path. The socio-path will pretend by mimicking and putting all the cards in order to present itself as one of the same that it is attempting to siphon energy from. This is the illusion.

The kindness of the human is the reason they are here, they saw this as a fertile feeding ground for deceptive ways. In their own realm, they would be met with more parasites just like themselves and that would be the nature of their reality. If they make it here, it’s through a whim and there can only be a small portion as that is how the balance of nature works. If everything is parasitic then there is no source of energy.

If the majority is parasitic, then eventually the source of energy of the whole will become ‘enslaved’ or drained. This is an impossible balance to keep because then the parasite would have to literally work around the clock to keep feeding maintaining the health of the original being in order to then go and feed off of that being. Eventually the parasite would suffer and die as a result of over population of parasites and the inability to keep up the charades. That is what we are witnessing now.

Do not waste time with the parasites. Day in day out, they will attempt to make you feel wrong for not seeing their way. Our species has come to understand this as the sociopath or psychopath. They will believe whole-heartedly that their only possible pathway for achieving success is by dominating over others in a way that doesn’t respect or view the others as an equal being. Others are only an asset, a goal, a value, a fund, a meal for them and this is an imbalanced perspective that skewers the world of higher-awareness where these kinds of animalistic patterns only serve to rule in the lower kingdoms.

Man, with the ability to think, can balance his/her higher and lower essences and become WHOLE. Well-rounded, clear, balanced, unified, etc etc etc. This is the nature of an awakened mind and this is the nature of the ORIGINAL CREATOR, the true self.

This is because the true self exists OUTSIDE the creation. So how can the true self REQUIRE the creation, in order to parasite and sustain itself?

Only the FALSE SELF can require parasitism off of the creation because that self does not exist outside of it!


2 thoughts on “Do not waste time with Walking Energy Parasites

  1. These last two lines in this article pretty much nail it. There’s never an end to a life force energy feeding on other life force energies that are present. Unless one understands how to make themselves unavailable, by not being in resonance with that parasitic energy imprint. Vampire and victim, both are the dancers in the tango of life. They’re like moth and flame, just in the right spot to find each other.
    The important question is “How to not be in the position of moth or flame?” and the answer is “choice”.

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