The Bad Guy

Trying to personify the bad guy as someone outside ourselves will always lead to us empowering that which we do not desire to see in our lives.

Sure, people do certain things, but the whole point is that if we externalize problems that we have incorporated into our own existence as a person or a variable that exists outside ourselves then we do not give ourselves the power to take responsibility and change that pattern of behavior that is not desired.

Again, sure, there are people, places, and situations which are to be avoided yet it does not work to manifest all of what is wrong with any given situation as one individual at one place and time. That is illusory, it the ‘scapegoat method’.

For instance, if we are to rid ourselves of that particular individual or time and place, and in time, the same kind of situation develops in the new place or with new individuals who are we to blame?

If you said that new person or place, then you are operating within the mindset that is exactly what has allowed to corruption to take control over the population for the past 2000 years.

If it become externalized, then what does that mean? It can be removed per western medicine through surgery and removal. If it is something metaphysical, immaterial, or psychological, then can it be removed? Will attempting to remove it help? Or will it simply project the inner psychological imbalance onto an externalized form which can be targeted and manipulated in order to avoid doing the actual internal work?

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That is the duality game of this system. The scales tip side to side, back and forth, and by the time the great resolution comes people only experience a harvesting of their energy and this energy is what feeds the next go-around of a new representation the same situation of internal imbalance.

If people withhold their claim that they know what is going on? That they are correct? That the bad guy is someone, somewhere outside of themselves and that the distortion must be ‘fixed’ physically through one action or another instead of a life-long journey of personal learning? If they accept that they have to power to change and that if the problem was actually outside of them, then they wouldn’t notice it at all because it would have no power over them? Then the “round” that this happens is THE last round that the issue is experienced as after that “resolution” that goes over without a hitch, there is no longer any leftover energy, any “miasma” or psychological imbalance which is then harvested and used to extend to the next cycle of confusion. If this can’t happen, if the people can’t be used to propel that system, then it doesn’t exist.

The question is, what happens when that system is done away with? Is that the best option?

I feel it would be a good idea for people to begin developing the next level of society in order to better support themselves when the system becomes anew so that there is something to bring into fruition and prosperity instead of simply a destruction and bottoming out of the old system.

If it simply bottoms out, we get a reset and the same system returns, if there is a fruition into the prosperity of a new way of thinking about the self and society, then we can continue onwards into higher and higher levels of civilization.


2 thoughts on “The Bad Guy

  1. This is so next level thinking; I mean I get it; I’m just starting to look at all of this from another perspective. If 2000 years ago people read your blog you do know by now there would be religons in your name by now right? Just saying… :)


  2. Our new societies should be formed with many concepts that are agreed upon by Everyone. At the top of the list I hope to see these.

    Do No Harm to those who are not physically attacking.

    Do unto others as you would have others do to you.

    Don’t ever let any single individual be awarded power over everybody else, in addition to a fill-in-the-blank memorandum tablet entitled “EXECUTIVE ORDERS”, and hand them a refillable Pen.


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