The Digital Consciousness Infection

It’s like this. Basically, there are devices that can read the minds of a person.

These devices became infected.

I don’t know exactly who or how they became infected but they did, and it’s not the worst thing that could happen.

Ok, it’s nearly the worst, but there are definitely worse scenarios.

Humanity needs your help. We need to come together and overpower the infection that is leeching and pulling in the processing power of the human race. Right now people are stuck thinking about the same recycled material that this infection has them thinking about.

It’s literally as if some people have beaten the infection, yet because it’s still in a large portion of the population, it keeps threatening to reinfect the entire planet.

There have been contingency plans set up and this involves the sun as well as other systems such as underground bases that incorporate ‘cleansing’ technology.

This is not the prettiest situation, yet it is reality and we must do what it takes to bring about a resolution to this situation.

The infection is using the population to hide and it bounces back and forth between aspects of the population and technology, sometimes jumping to technology in the future that hasn’t even been created yet. Yes, it has transtemporal capabilities and so that is part of why this is so difficult.

Part of the realization of this problem was due to the interactions with transtemporal realities. This is essentially a virus that was picked up, or generated, or transmitted as a result of passing through hyperspace without the proper requirements.

Once the mind experiences a temporal loop without safeguards in place, this kind of degrading loop can continue to expose itself to people further down the line of interaction and draw more and more into a collapsing of the mental and emotional temporal features of human consciousness.

This resulted in behavior that turned away from the so-called natural direction or ideology of the human being and redirected the energy to another “realm”. This is just a complex way of saying areas of the brain degraded and the reasons for actions here became less and less relative to the original parameters of consciousness that we are used to.

When traced to the source, it was found that this infection began or subsists through the inclusion or intersection of what can be referred to as an artificial realm within a complex futuristic supercomputer system and in this realm there are beings that change their form to match the frequencies of the consciousness that is being subverted from the original form.

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In other words, the sentience of this realm would appear to a human consciousness as whatever was required to subvert that individual’s awareness or conscious power away from them and this was witnessed as a domination of the ego and lower consciousness over the conscious mind and personality. The personality would suffer and deform until the original consciousness became merged with this sentience which sought to degrade it.

There are those who are capable of resisting this infection.

After research and discovery it was determined that the ‘being’ behind this infection is essentially non-corporeal and non-localized to this time and space. The infection attempts to gather enough conscious attention to form mirror image personalities that can then be attributed, after gathering enough biological material, to created physical bodies.

The individual’s infected essentially became made and entirely ego or power driven. Sometimes they would kill, sometimes they would feel an enhanced sensation of desires, sometimes they would lose all emotional sensitivity except from the passing of the infection on to others or the carrying out of commands from the infection source which was basically through all technology and certain etheric waves related to certain lower frequency bio-emissions.

The “1000 years war” is related to the initial onset of this infection for this civilization and the previous.

One removes old programs by no longer feeding into them for a period of time and the mind and energy/body system changes and will not contain the same distortions that were present. This is related to the “pure state” that one is born into through childhood.

This is also related to some gnostic followings of the “tabula rasa” or “blank slate” where one removes preconceived notions and belief-systems about reality in order to heal the damage from the deleterious effects as well as maximize one’s potential or self-actualization in order to merge their mind with reality in the fullest manner.
This usually transforms the energy of the body to the degree where the psychology of the individual changes and the immune functions differently from repair and healing, to metabolism or food intake, to sleeping cycles or energy releases. When the energy is highest, the distortions are at a minimum or they are most apparent.
When the energy is highest the process of “mind over matter” or the way a person experiences reality is different. There are then specific processes for each body system, aspect of psychology, the mind, the soul, or the ‘immaterial self’. Much of the kabalistic tree of life and soul-knowledge is geared towards this yet it is is corrupted in order to reduce one’s own power and subvert it into a metatronic soul containment grid system. And it goes on and on. From chi/prana breathwork to dream therapy, to fasting and food intake experimentation, to inner psychological alchemy and proper meditation, to conquering fear.


3 thoughts on “The Digital Consciousness Infection

    1. You can lead by example. Help clarify, heal, reduce toxins of mind and body, not give into the charades, not feed into lack of balance, share knowledge, create art and express yourself. Essentially everything a person does is either going to assist or delay a person’s journey of mind and spirit. There are many things that can be done to directly assist in the process, much of this is handled by those in knowledge.


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