Goodness comes from Respect and Acknowledgement of Correspondence 

Goodness comes to you if you respect the environment.

Just like your own body that is made up of smaller living aspects that do not directly know the nature of your own mind, you too are apart of a larger organism whose mind you do not directly perceive as your own.

The two natures of mind are parallel, they are not exactly the same but are in correspondence or reflection of one another.

This larger being may not respond directly to your presence if you casually walk through without expecting an interaction or without acknowledging how your minds influence and are connected with one another.

However, if you make an effort in your interaction from one to the other to acknowledge and respect from one mind to the next then this is reflected in return as respect from the larger mind back to you.

Those who interact in this way find the most enjoyment and the most self-knowledge by extending his or her self to the larger self in existence.

Disharmony is simply where that awareness meets one who harbors ignorance and thus is reserving for their self the greatest lesson of coming into awareness that the self is endless from a state of limitation and separation.

In this way, it is not you respecting the environment as much as it is you respecting your higher self.


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