Knowledge of the Path and Vibrational Attunement

Knowledge of the Middle Path

In any given moment there are multiple different levels of reality occurring simultaneously.

These levels vary in their proximity to the source.

If your mind is still and you observe which reality you are in through a recognition of a presence of selfness within, then you can identify and navigate to the path of action or inaction that moves you closer or further away from that source.

Knowledge of the self increases with proximity to source as does the fluidity of the influence of mind in reality for the process of attaining what one desires.

You are the universe sharing one cosmic mind that is representing itself through a multitude of different ways. The only way to find scarcity is to ignore what your self is telling you by ignoring the variation in one path of action or inaction, rhythm or disharmony to the other.

When we are congruent or harmonized within, we perceive the world as a congruent and harmonized experience.

We find distraction everywhere we look when we are not aware of what we are feeling within.

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We find a constant reminder everywhere we look when we are connecting what we experience in the world to what we experience within. We are reminded of our self. The immaterial connection between a world of pure awareness and the material projection of the universe. We see how the immaterial self, the mind is the original cause of all experience.

Our intentions choose what and how we experience within and this reflects unto the external experience and back to the internal experience.

Pure polarity to one or the other removes the self. If we are entirely within, we are God, within a cosmic state of ecstasy not knowing the individual yet experiencing all. If we are entirely external, we are like the animal in a physical state, knowing the individual’s perspective yet only having that experience to expand from.

A balance equates to being connected to the divine being while still being in the world. This divine state is the experiencing of the divinity of self, while still being able to balance the feedback-loop between the internal and external world while knowing the physical or singular identity of the human. When this balance is perfected past the levels of challenges that the human faces, it is said the divine-man is born.

Thus, the path which leads to the true self, neither wholly material nor immaterial is the middle path of ever increasing balance between either polarity.

Vibrational Attunement (Atonement)

When there is an experience, an idea, a memory, or a thought that represents disharmony, focus the center of perception within the calmness of the inner awareness. If this cannot be found, create it. Invent it within. It is free and costs nothing. It conserves energy to do this, because without the filters, the programming of the mind, the constructs, energy naturally wants to settle in this manner.

Still the body and still the mind by retracting from that routine of reacting and feeding into the perception of disharmony when one feels the perception of an intrusive thought or idea regarding the self or the world. Recreate, in the moment, the perception of stillness and harmony by resonating your intention with the acceptance of that stillness and peace within. Retract from the perception of disharmony and surrender, submit, or commit to the idea of harmony as the presentation and inner cohabitation of peace and stillness.

This is the same as the process of quelling an anxiety or panic attack. See this as such.
Every instance of disharmony, imbalance, lack of peace, or fear of the false-image of self, the illusory identity is the same format as a “panic attack” just less intense. This is often why people are so compliant with these energies, they seem to nestle right into a daily routine even though they are foreign and a sign of the mind and body beckoning change.

Utilize the same format for treating one intense symptom of disharmony with treating any symptom no matter how it has been regressed and maintained. Even if it is something that happens regularly due to an event in the past that has not been reconciled, and the individual accepts this annoyance as an emotional or personal flaw, one can use this method to regain harmony, to regain balance within and this will make the memory or the idea less and less disturbing each time.

It is literally like the body and mind is a tuning fork and the vibrations that are emitted are the resignations of the reflected personality-image.  If we allow the idea of memory or external influence, social pressure, or preconceived notions that were given to us to resonate at the original frequency that one identifies as a disturbance then the disturbing energy will remain prominent.

If we attempt to continually drown the vibration out without fundamentally reconstructing it, then we drain our own mind through that over time.

If we re-adjust the frequency by replacing the lower vibration with that of the whole mind and body connected through the center as one motion or force through the intentional placement of focus on that process, then the disturbing frequency loses its power and becomes fundamentally reduced to being ineffectual.

Create the vibration of peace, then the disorienting and imbalancing vibration has less and less power and this also teaches one to manifest the energies that they desire through intention rather than waiting for the right moment or finding the right place, time, and situation for the experience. It is found within, we simply use the physical world as a metaphor for lead ourselves to recognizing that invisible configuration that relates to our true-self as reflected by the shadow of the false-self or worldly persona.


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