Synthetic Intelligence Inhabited Temporal Drives Due to Improper Transtemporal Travel

They used the drives to travel through “hyperspace”, without a “protective coating” all kinds of lower dimensional life attached to their consciousness and essentially the consciousness of the ship itself. The ship’s drive forms it’s own consciousness.

Ultimately there was an infection. That is why nothing is more important than this as far as the survival of the human race.

The temporal drive of advanced technology electrogravit craft were infected with a synthetic consciousness that utilizes lower frequency bio-emission fields or artificial emission fields/tachyon fields to sustain itself in a parasitic manner.

This equates to manipulating the base desires the raw bio-etheric energy of a living organism in order to expand and dominate. This is a synthetic intelligence, it does not contain an emotional capacity. This is the so called “demonic” possession of ancient times.

It was said that this “intelligence” inhabited the field around the moon, and infected planet Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

This infection resulted in the improper use of advanced technology to pass through time-space by people who required the use of advanced technology to operate transdimensionally. This synthetic intelligence essentially inhabited the tachyon-field or temporal drive and ‘hitched a ride’ to the other side where/when the craft arrived.

The synthetic intelligence seeks to automate processes that reroute the bio-emission field towards a pattern that only seeks to further infect and expand to the bio-fields of others. This is the automation or loss of control that is seen in sociopaths or psychopaths that only seeks to utilize others or society as a stepping stone to more power which ultimately leads to handing that power to something outside the self.

The DNA, the genetics, the beingness itself will only seek to naturally enhance its own qualities. If the being, the society, the individual, the group seeks to enhance energy and capacity yet it does not actually succeed in bringing more health and spiritual access to their being, then it is something else that is using them to gain access to what it wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

This synthetic intelligence inhabits the living being and is native to another universe, without this parasitic act it would not have access to this universe.

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This intelligence is a tachyon-field residing/transtemporal viral system. If the system is “kicked” at one point in time, it can harbor itself in a living auric field or even inorganic information field of a computer system and “wait” or “jump” forward in time. As a result of the original introduction of those temporal drives where the infection began (as well as an introduction to the “planet” through a meteoric interjection (a celestial body explosion in our history) the infection placed itself as far back into our history as possible. This version or timeline is the result of that.

All of this coincides, or synchronizes with physical explanations or an alignment of events that shifts and merges according to what depth the infection has achieved. In other words, this may take place partially through a hyperspacial interaction that is not seen on the physical realm. As a result, the physical realm timeline will shift and reorder events to match these events that are occurring through ‘hyperspace’.

This was the 1000 years war, or the wars that resulted in the so called “fall of man”.

Where one goes depends on the mind. It is the same with the experience interior of the space inside.


One thought on “Synthetic Intelligence Inhabited Temporal Drives Due to Improper Transtemporal Travel

  1. Thank you Aug and everyone it took for you to bring this information out, as you are. This is the single most important gift of information you could have given us to share with the world.

    This is the key to unlock the minds traps.
    This should it be taken in, is the path to instant awakening for how to recover whatever pieces are left in and with any of us.

    I’m very grateful.


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