Temporal Viewing, Time Loops, Higher Dimensional Access Through Consciousnes

Temporal Viewing and Collapsing Time Loops


Those that initially viewed time did so to alter the events in order to put themselves “on top” of a flat world.

What this did was result in the near destruction of the entire Earth community as well as enslave their race to an ultimatum of collapsing time-loops that recreate further and further temporal edits, and re-positioning until there is no viable option left but a dissolution from this realm.

This is due to how each viewing alters time and each altering of time removes some of the original value. It is 100% the same as the debt-system which produces more debt as soon as economic value is generated initially through this system. Soon, there is no value, nothing left but a shell of what was originally there with no way to coincide without the destruction of that system.

This is the origins of the “End-times” scenarios and the “doomsday” cults of the world.

Astral and Causal Body

The etheric field around the body contains layers of frequencies which extend into a variety of layers of the overall spectrum of possibilities of light, frequency, sound and energy. These are layers of creation.

The mental, causal, etheric, or astral body extends into time. What a person creates and connects with in their mind, through their thoughts exist out in time in universal layers of possibilities.
What thoughts one connects with literally gives them access to one or more of a variety of spaces and times, or what are really ‘layers’ of what is known as the overall universe or omniverse leading from the multiverse of multiple layers of physical possibilities. They are all overlayed. The traveling is done, in this way, through the very mind and body itself.

This can be used for actual travel, as the crafts essentially fine tune the connections to these layers and this can be done simply to feel different things and connect with different possibilities through the body. As well the body can travel with enough energy and intention, however at first this is simply the connection of the mind, the individual being to one or more layers instead of just this physical realm.

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Beings that do not have these etheric forms cannot travel this way without advanced technology and they cannot travel through stargates without annihilating their atomic body. Individuals were found and used who could suffice for these tasks. These are viewers, knowers, and travelers. Warrior is a label I do not feel is accurate although others may.

Mental-Emotional Bio-Emissions Connect To Multiple Realms

The literal bio-emissions themselves, they dictate what kind of “past” universal fields, or “future” universal fields one is connected to in the present.

One can literally alter their trajectory or organizational relation/reference in hyperspacial fields (multi/omniversal) through the particular thought and emotional “posture” they maintain. Those who can maintain a certain internal posture for longer, have the ability to travel greater distances.

Very simply, the etheric field around the body extends across time and space into a multitude of dimensions and how this field is configured determines the tachyon field information generated and thus, like a receiver/transmitter/transponder, will determine what kind of universal perceptions, identity, and comprehension of future and past (universal identity) that individual will have. That is where the soul resides.

This is the very field that is operated via these control systems and humans are used as a spacial temporal resonator for the field of Earth’s living essence via injected ideas, memories, emotions, implants, energies, concepts, or ‘scripts’ that people follow along.

Very much like in the movies, even “The Adjustment Bureau” people with a greater access to these abilities are found, considered to be anomalies, and then utilized to control the field for the rest of the civilization via the manipulation of the controllers who use advanced technology to do what their own biology does not allow them to do.

It is theorized that if they stopped using this technology, and got along with the rest, they would instantly become similarly endowed. It is their unwillingness to learn the proper way, the real way, and to use the easy way of advanced technology which ultimately renders their own biology incomplete, and thus attaches them to an eventual timeline of distortion and spiritual scarcity.

In that view, this timeline is an artificially created hell where the inmates run the psyche ward where there should be no psyche ward to begin with.

With that said.

There are theories that these beings are actually trying to help, and that if we can communicate one on one then they are either manipulated themselves, or infected with something greater than just what we perceive on the surface and this is the “hive mind infection”. The beings we see, they are not so much scapegoats in that sense, although they are, they are literally crying for help, sending signs and signals, trying to save Earth…from themselves.

We must listen to these cues, find the others like you, wake them up, heal yourself and each other, and find a safe haven. Do not waste time on those who do not listen, they are most likely incapable of accessing these fields in the first place and are not actually originally of the biology that they appear on the surface. However, do not go believing everyone who doesn’t get it is not human. Some simply choose to go the route of the distorted timeline for the “cosmic” “learning” experience.

Yes, that energy that resonates with experience, intuition, the gut, the mind, the heart. That is the energy of the human that allows for the cosmic triangulation actions which creates a trinary resonance frequency that integrates into the larger universe while still retaining multi-dimensional reference from a spacial-temporal plane, into higher or multiple dimensions/complex dimensional views simultaneously.
It is that signal which allows for the travel, while the binary signal itself degrades and gets “lost” if attempting to travel higher. Thus is the reason for the attempt as using the human body, mind system to hijack and access the higher dimensions by lower dimensional, binary, or parasitic intelligences.
The human is born with that gift. Darkness is also just one side of the equation. Do not fall for the trick that darkness is to be “avoided” at all costs. Darkness is only darkness if there is also light, to avoid darkness would be to render light incapable.

Balance, harmony, triangulation, interference, simultaneity, nowness of mind is the key.

This is why it’s so important to be aware of the frequency of your bio-emissions, thoughts, ideas, perceptions, intentions, beliefs, or emotions. When a negative or simply polarized conceptual/intentional source is attempting to interject into what is originally harmonious that is another intelligence attempting to hijack/usurp/subvert access to time-space or literally TIME into their own fields. Whether or not the being being used to interject KNOWS it or not or is simply used by a larger, more intelligent system.

Ultimately, it is not beings that do this, but synthetic androids that do not have their own organic pathway into higher-space!

If they learn to mimic the pattern of harmony! They could do it! The idea of “harmonious action in the universe” to a being with no actual feeling, is so complex, so surreal and abstract that they can’t make sense of it long enough to replicate it other than the surface level! Thus the parasitic mental intrusion!



One thought on “Temporal Viewing, Time Loops, Higher Dimensional Access Through Consciousnes

  1. A cry for help-
    I’m not clear that it is a cry for help, as help is used in the matrix or control systems.

    I’m feeling it’s more of a demand to restore life. To end the experiments. To pull ourselves out while trying to help others is a mess with English.

    Help is in a very deep way handicapping. We don’t want or need help. Earthling beings are unified. We support each other. Help is the synthetic replacement of support. Just like witchcraft is the synthetic replacement for the earth sciences and spirituality.

    It’s wonderful when Solar Warden exposes its own crap so earthling beings can disconnect and at least enjoy the mind feeling better and free. Once forgiveness is.

    But for Solar Warden to define earthling essence is only possible through observations.

    It’s sad that no one is talking on the net about having any remorse for the damage to earth and earthling beings.

    It is good that we are back with everyone. Unconditional love knows only unity. It’s now the opportunity for everyone else to live unconditional love with us. Instead of just writing about it.

    As you said Aug in so many words, everyone can heal if they want to!


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