Today is Tomorrow

Note: We did view one timeline where the following is avoided. However this was due to a continuation of the same control system based on financial, and informational scarcity and much of the radiation was mitigated through the use of the hemp plant. However still, once this timeline is reached, the body will slowly but surely be altered over time.

We tend to follow false perceptions without asking questions, we get dazzled by the false glitters and don’t even ask where the power is coming from, or even to whom is it really going to.

Don’t be cheerleaders for a system that only serves the few, Be the leaders who are cheered for being true. –Ziad Elias Zraikat

The more there is illusion that resists, the more there is to overcome with truth.

Something very big is on the horizon. Something major is going to happen. – Jason P. Moss

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Many people in certain areas…Take heed and make the arrangements. Some move inland away from coasts and heavily populated area between now and then. Solar Warden is organized to defend Earth and the human population. Remember the non-interference agreement.

Goodnight World. It’s 12:30 AM and my brain needs a rest. Tomorrow the US Presidential Election begins. Should be interesting. – Michael Kavanagh

Some know, those who would listen were informed. For those who wouldn’t, there was no-time wasted on them for that would endanger the whole.
The supporting of the fraudulent system, is like going up to a flower and saying, “You must lie to me.”

Stillness in the Storm

Some were warned that only “No Confidence” would pass the test. And if not, then the rest of the show would have to be watched by those who had “No Confidence” and those who had “Confidence” would have it removed from their grasp because they clearly don’t know what to do with it and how to prosper with that concept. Read between the lines.

Habitual posture. Habitual emotion. Habitual thought.

Jerry Brewster talks about the importance of struggling with these habitual reactions physically, emotionally and mentally to make a change – to break this habit loop:

posture > emotion > thought

thought > posture > emotion

emotion > thought > posture

Brewster proposes that, “if I can interfere with a posture then I find I’m free of both the emotion and the thought tied to that posture.”

The first thing is to become aware of our postures we go back to when we have certain thoughts or emotions – this is where Gurdjieff claims that the problems lies because we do not know what our habits are but to me this is also where the fun part begins: from observation, you start to observe what your habitual postural habits are and start to play games with it.


Your physical body is a metaphor for your mind. How you sit/stand is how you breathe and how you breathe physically is how you breathe internally/mentally and emotionally. Mental, emotional and physical combined is the spiritual body.


Tesla Knows.

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