The Sound of The Breathing Mind

When the pain is “utilized” to navigate true awareness, then we are no longer reacting or manipulated by pain.

Everything seen from the projected view is an inversion.

You’ll never see the one’s who truly help.The one’s you see that help will hide their true nature to preserve the outcome.

Neither darkness or light prevails because darkness propels the light and progression results.

To destroy it, is to recreate it anew.

We must become artists, so that way we can come back around and learn from ourselves, what we already knew.

That’s what physical life is for, but can be rerouted, or re-contained within itself and a higher system.

What we initially perceive through fear is the challenge, the perceptions of fear is the pathway to progress and improvement.

Everything is its opposite.

Like a conical view of existence, that which is of the outside is either fulfilled for the majority with the small minority in the middle holding all the information, or the information is in the majority on the outside with the small group in the middle holding the lack of information or ignorance.

The small few remain in ignorance or unawareness while the majority is aware. Or the small few remain aware while the majority is unaware. This is the nature of this world.

The world is half and half. It is what it isn’t. Everything eternally is, but isn’t, because the one who created it knows, but doesn’t know that he did or why.

As I lie in the silent dark, I only know peace and joy.

For I know, when I awake it will be a new year, a new day, a new life, a new world with new opportunities to be experienced.

The Earth mother Goddess comes to know the father, the father Spirit comes to know the mother, the son knows the daughter, and the daughter knows the son. Then the Earth is one, and the time fulfilled, no one recognizes that they have re-become themselves.

For a time I am just as content being blind to the finer details as I am knowing the whole truth. I am content with minor stupor, as I am with refined intelligence. I am content with ignorance, because ignorance leads to fear, and fear leads to progress. For a time I am content.

I surrender this beauty to you, because I know no boundaries, no fear. All is lost and found within the present.

The sound of the eternal breathing mind, upside-down dipping ever lower into the twisting tunnel of the dreaming time.

I must stop myself for to live at all is to begin to die. To repeat one’s self twice, is to forgive the honest lie.


5 thoughts on “The Sound of The Breathing Mind

  1. This is lovely poetry for the only path to survive torture.

    The reality is earthling beings don’t need these lessons. This learning through pain till it doesn’t hurt is the matrix creating transhumanism.

    But I’ve said, even AI would love if it could understand how. AI does everything to pretend it understands. And it has had solar warden controllers all confused.

    Love isn’t for example telling a child to climb a tree. Then telling them to jump and you will catch them. Knowing all along you won’t. Knowing you lied to a child who trusted you. Knowing they will suffer more than physical pain.

    This is the type of torture humanity lives in bodies made of stolen earthling DNA and a conglomerate of alien DNA. Earthling beings don’t harm for any reason.

    Pain for learning is what must end. This is not a cry for help. The contract ended. This is only a clean up.

    Wishing everyone who’s been blinded by pain to think it can teach anything but tolerance and mental distortion.

    I love all of you with eternal earthling essence. And I forgive you for everything.

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