Of Two Timelines

Two Time-lines

When the Population Becomes Aware, They Refuse The Illusion

When the population becomes aware enough then they develop a resurgence of critical thinking in regards to the mind controlling techniques. The mental and emotional control systems are in place that serve to distract from the true power structure which is hidden behind the surface.

When They Refuse The Illusion, Illusions Are Exposed

When this happens the crimes against humanity and the secrets of advanced technology and other times and intelligences are vulnerable to exposure.

When The Illusions are Exposed, New Illusions are Manufactured

Whenever people are so distraught from a failed economic or political system then they lose interest in playing follow the leader and ultimately a form of war, manufactured catastrophe such as a biological event or natural disaster occurs and is used to divert attention away from the unified attention that the system itself is to blame. Power is relinquished either through submission of the population or a reduction of those resistant minds.

Waking up is an Individual Process, World Catalysts are Collective

When the collective mind of humanity becomes so distraught from a massive world war in the age of information and connection then Earth herself will awaken and become involved to the point of massive Earth changes in a geological and cosmological scale.
Every so often steps are taken to reset or extend time. This is an extension more than it is aligned with the common notion of a “reset” that occurs every so many years.

What this may indicate is that the awakening we see is an individual event and only easy to comprehend how negative events are collective in that sense. Many people may notice change but only a small number will actually arrive at the internal comprehension.

The planet is an extension of mind and the mind is an extension of the planet. If you change the planet without changing the mind then the planet returns back to the way it was before. If you change the mind the planet reflects and the mind follows the change

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