A live-action, self-explaining Demonstration of the Wave-Particle Duality and Correspondence to Higher Planes of Perception

What does this represent to you?

What does the image mean, or indicate?

What does it look like one can see if they gaze at it?

It looks like a wave. So how or what does this explain about the relationship of the wave, to each particle?

Each motion is the same motion. Each particle is the same particle. The whole field is just one group, multiplied many times over.

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Each particle is making the same pattern. It is moving in a circle in proximity to a central point.

Each motion is the same motion, yet across the field the ‘starting point’ or the ‘phase-lock’/synchronization between every other particle is offset.

One could describe this by saying that the particles on the bottom right begin the motion first. Then the next layer across, diagonally, starts their process. Then the next layer and the next. What you get is a successive motion “following” itself across the field in a certain direction.

This direction is indicated by the pattern of synchronization or “phase-lock” across each successive wave or layer of particles in motion.

Each motion is only relative to each other motion that it is next to.

The result is that a new layer of interaction that could measured according to an abstract perception of “time” occurs and the individual particles, when viewed in relativity, become part of one “larger” visual system. This larger visual system is the “wave” that seems to be moving across the field but both doesn’t actually exist, and is only existing through the interrelation of each particle to the next.

This “direction” of the wave is the abstract measurement of the larger system. The “phase-lock” or “starting point” of each individual particle is the frequency offset between particles which describes the wave’s basic motion.

The frequency offset of particles starts at 1, then 2, then 3. This could be seen like starting at 12 o’clock, then 1 o’clock and so on. If one could freeze one complete resonation of the single wave, they would get a particle starting at every frequency or ‘hour’ on the clock at once across the field. The 1st and last hour are the highest and lowest points of the wave, and this is described visually as the wave “rising” and “falling” up and down, or as the particles each beginning at a certain different point on the clock.

Harmony, is found when the organization of the higher level is synchronized across the entire field to produce these larger patterns.

Then when that larger pattern is perceived, the organization of that pattern into higher patterns pertains to correspondence across multiple planes of existence, like a fractal.

This image is the ‘living’, live-action demonstration of this process of individual particles in synchronization organizing across multiple planes of interpretation and how this interpretation ‘hierarchy’ allows for the perception of a nearly immaterial ‘larger body’ that simply exists through a perceived interpretation of the harmonic organization between a layer of ‘smaller particles’.

Think, does the wave exist, or is it merely perception? Are the particles interacting alone, or are they part of a larger system? Is the system the particles, or is it apart on some abstract visual plane that must be received by a sentient being capable of interpreting the data?

This interaction and these layers of data are the same way consciousness expresses itself through matter and fields of energy. You are the wave and the particle through your mind and body.

Proximal relativity in action, see how they never truly leave each other’s circumference, yet create two larger patterns that interact in a different way from the circle to an oval. That is the vary in frequency which amounts to differences in the overall “larger” pattern, of the circles and the oval, the particle’s circles and the pattern or direction of the wave.

Even the wave, when viewed from the side:

Motion and higher correspondence:

Now for a visual of the ‘cosmic fourth wall’ experience, imagine what happens when the circle turns inside out?

The ends of the lines always have to flow out of view, because it would be impossible to visualize the flipping over process directly. It’s inherently an “extra-dimension” including motion, and this is the “turn-over” point that individuals or a society can experience however this would change everything so it would be the “first” or “last” aspect of that “cycle” of the motions and one only occur when all other motions are occupied, which also may never occur.

This is the intersection of more than one plane:

This can even explain perceptions like shading which leads to depth in the overall higher pattern that emerges.

Mapped on multiple planes:

Overall equilibrium:


Quadrant relative variation:

This is how the planes will dissect each other to create more complex patterns or geometries:

With more complex arrangements of ‘intersections’ of planes we end up with more and more complex overall patterns. Think of how many intersections of planes are required to come up with the energetic and numerical patterning that reflects human consciousness.

This is a piece of art reflecting these two planes of interpretation!

From one layer, to the next, and so on. This is repeating however and nothing ever truly repeats. That would be only by stopping all motion, which also never truly happens. So everything is constantly in motion, moving up the planes one to the next and so on.

Everything is both more complex and more simple than it appears, motion or expansion and contraction in one plane is always only relative to motion or contraction and expansion in another plane.

All from one very simple idea, the unit circle and the sine wave:

Our reality is very simple, yet very complex at the same time. Does this mean it is neither? No, it is something beyond, something more complex and transcendent than one or the other.

Where the planes intersect to produce various interpretations is CONSCIOUSNESS.

But is the consciousness a result of the intersection, or is the intersection a result of consciousness?

Remember, there is never any true stop to the motion, and there is no true beginning.

This is some of the knowledge that has been hidden from the public for so long!

The ENTIRE universe has been telling you this! It’s in plain sight every day, right in front your eyes!

The Circle is the ultimate container!

Everything uses circles and spirals to exist. The container is PHYSICAL AND ABSTRACT.

Your consciousness is ABSTRACT. Your body is PHYSICAL.



To be continued…!

In phase sine waves:

Out of phase sine waves:

In the same sense the dots in the original .gif are in motion at different phases which represent different starting points, these waves are at different starting points and the color of the frequency (or the frequency of the color) that they imply is superimposed over the geometric and numerological representation. The individual oscillation of each dot can be represented as a different alignment of the hands in reference to the numbers.

A reflexive property of the universe is that even using a different frame of reference from which to measure the starting points will still yield different results as if the projection of the universe is determined by the organizational nature of the subjective process of forming perceptions.

The difference between the two frequencies are the phase offset and the frequencies correspond to a color, sensation, sound, or some other translation of the vibratory information into a physical sensation of awareness.

When the two frequencies are compared, one can derive how much they vary and from this variation one can produce a third frequency which is the result color or frequency of the level of deviation or contrast between the two frequencies of different phase offsets. These can be the same energy, but within each energy there is an entire universal spectrum of octaves and frequencies that can be reached and are organized according to a universal hierarchy that renders geometric and numerical correspondence between planes.

These differences in frequency, as related to the differences in phase offset and the actual perception of the subjective sensation relates to the original .gif as the representation of the production of a non-material coalescence of information that exists above or apart from the single layer of the material organization that is individually maintained. This collective production of the organization of the movements of each individual unit as indicated by the relative contrast in frequency or phase offset between each individual frequency ‘agent’, is what is called consciousness today.

Saying the individual units are moving to create consciousness is the same as saying the collective consciousness is present to create the individual motion.

This is the experience of the individual self on the physical level perceived as an independent and individual awareness when it is actually simultaneously apart of the larger self which experiences access to the wealth of information that the individual seemingly does not. This is the conscious mind and the unconscious mind as the conscious mind must be relative of itself as the individual in relation to one another. While the unconscious mind is relative of itself as the interrelationship between that individual and every other. The unconscious mind is literally the connection between all living minds accessing existence through that frequency of experience and in our case, this frequency is the frequency of human awareness and what is now moving into the larger scope of cosmic awareness.

2 thoughts on “A live-action, self-explaining Demonstration of the Wave-Particle Duality and Correspondence to Higher Planes of Perception

  1. So beautiful. I felt like I was reading Krishnamurti. So complex and over my head but I could not stop. And to reach the relation of conscious mind and unconscious mind was a great reward. So, thank you and keep flowing. I have felt connected to the conscious and unconscious mind of another when I experience what I call my therapeutic Self. Time is lost and all is present awareness. Another does not have to be alone in their experiences. The art in my home has become more alive with this treatise. Generous. I hope I can save and reread this more. Mesmerizing.


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