Be Responsible For Yourself, Difficulty Gives You Strength and Helps Us Comprehend The Unknown

When you see the wealthy elite with their cars and big houses and you feel jealousy but you don’t work harder. When you feel that they cheated but you don’t know the spiritual work they’ve done, then you have already lost and it’s your own doing.

Elite families begin their spiritual work at the age of 6. They were introduced and they introduced the other societies as well as the military to the secret projects because of the previous post concept where it was discovered what is coming soon. The government had to find a way to spiritually advance this civilization as quickly as possible to ensure survival.

The trouble you see all around? That’s how unprepared, unaware, and veritably lazy this population is. Don’t blame it on others, that’s the whole point, if it was their fault the opportunity to progress would lie with them, not the rest of the sleeping population.

The work they go through is so intense that people from outside of their families immediately go insane or suffer great pains if they stumble upon the truth or are exposed through some necessary but untimely means.

That is why this process has been designed and the whole world is being affected and advanced by the difficulty.

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Next time you see someone with power and wealth in this world coming from before history, do not be jealous but realize that they are apart of a system so carefully destined to unveil the power of the soul that it takes years and that those who skip the process usually forget how to speak and handle their bodily functions properly.

Next time you want to say they don’t work, try to see where you work for nothing all because somewhere along the line you picked up the impression that you should. Next time you see them with more than the average wonder what they’ve been through rather than what they haven’t. Know the truth rather than the assumptions. The ones who hold knowledge perform the task that the rest of the population couldn’t at risk of allowing this entire civilization to disappear forever through laziness and unawareness of the soul.

It’s all about the fear of the unknown.

If you can get over the fear of the unknown, you have completed half the journey.

Note: This is not to say there is not corruption. There is corruption on all levels, it would be say that all who are not “in power” are perfect angels. That is a fallacy.

It is simply not directly relative to power.

Now that is the name of this current game being played, so that all people without power see power as something awful and corrupt and in turn remain powerless and distracted themselves.

This also does not indicate that you have ever actually even seen an elite family or that you know what they would look like or how they live.

Whenever self-responsibility is given to another, it takes the power away from the individual. Yes, there is corruption, but it is supported by the lack of self-responsibility of those individuals who acknowledge it.

If this means to you, “then don’t acknowledge corruption”, then go back and re-read the initial statement and apply it to your life to see how the people are paying for everything that happens in the larger correspondence through their attention and emotional support.

Yes, the economy was stolen, the wars are faked. This does not force you to support that corrupt system.


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