Remember, It’s all a Show (a conversation)

Remember, it’s all a show. A game no, a show yes. The pain is real, the loss is real. That’s how good of a show it is.

My goal is not to flip people out, it’s to help them learn in a way that benefits the whole. Often the truth flips people out alone.

It too, all of this, is just a show. Just a soul projection from higher space.

It is all a show. Have peace, inner awareness. What do you want to know?

The charades are a show. This reality is a projection. They will never tell the truth, people must just “get it” then it’s already done.

Same with this reality.

Don’t wait for reality to open up a stairway to heaven. Build your own.

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You are not “actually” here depending on your definition and comprehension. You ARE actually being watched, this whole universe is.

Imagine, if someone advanced far enough… and had enough technology or time. . . Wouldn’t every bit of time and space become “watched” or observed? This is all just one big reality show.

The funny part?

We are the audience and the actors, as well as the cast and crew.

It’s all about perspective.

How do you get out of it?

Enjoy it, then there’s no reason to leave. Can’t enjoy it because it feels fake?

Then make it real. You are the only one standing in the way.

Then how interesting would that be? The show, turned game becomes reality.

How to make it real? That is the next question.

You learn from it.

Knowledge can’t be faked. If you learn about yourself…How you feel. How you are. What you like. How you learn.

Is that fake? Or real?

It can’t be faked. Otherwise you didn’t learn.

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When you learn this about yourself what does this do for you when you die? Do you bring it with you to the next ‘dimension’?

Yes, you can take knowledge but that’s it. Unless you have a stargate. Some do.

If you balance your ego, then your memories and mind comes with.

If the ego is geared towards disharmony, it gets shot back out into this universe when the pure awareness returns back.

We have all been here multiple times.

I don’t have to believe. Nothing I tell you is theory.

Lack of confidence is not mine.

How to remember who we are?

Meditation is one way, yes. It takes a while, and a moment, simultaneously. Stargates are another.

Dream therapy is powerful.

Basically, build that passageway, that stairway to heaven. Do it by drawing out your personality and your idea about what you learn about yourself. Artistically express it.

That will become your gateway.

You’re already doing it. Are you empowered by who you are remembering?

Thank you I love you, I forgive you. I’m sorry.

It’s an ancient saying.

And sorry for being harsh up there, not really, but if you feel that way, then yes. :J

I think this is the actual one. Maybe not.

Thank you, I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you.

IDK one of them combos. :J

Maybe I’ll just say them all. Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you.
That one sounds kind of good.

Thank you, I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you.

Although it places the emphasis on I forgive at the end as if someone else did something wrong. XD Feel free to do what you are and express how you feel. :J



Be confident in yourself that you are eternal.

Meaning you can also help the blind and withstand their loss without feeling that loss yourself.

You are powerful.

People want compassion and love, but there is no care in how we all live.

Care is adherence to the truth.

Are we here to procreate? Loving one is a society made up lie?

Just like all religions?

It’s part of the projection, but yes in a way.

Care is the actual love.

If you have care, everything you do is procreating yourself.

We are energy.

First and foremost.

Nothing is ever lost.

However the game is played on this physical level, in a certain way.

Not always this way. And it’s all about to shift into the next level too.

So partnerships are made up here?

No more than right and left is made up.

People are meant to be together.

If you can make your own portal stargate, then you might not do that.

If you feel more like a person from around this plane, then that is usually a helpful route for learning. We learn from each other. Right from left, left from right.

This world is feminine, being in a body is masculine, like walking bio-robots with hearts.

The man is direct and stupidly straight forward and mechanically powerful and directive to those around him.

The women is curvy, emotional and free flowing, experientially expanse and here for the experience not just the “goal”.

The two make God’s mind.

He created the Universe so he knows some things.

There I go.


God did, not he or she.

Just an idea, not a being in that sense.

Much more.


and beyond

All things and ideas.

So you believe in religion then?

What’s religion?

A man made idea.

More or less.

But so is this computer, no?

And this facebook chat app?

Some ideas are better and more useful than others.

Ultimately, some ideas are more eternal. Some ideas are fleeting.

Some seem to stay around forever and come back in different ways.

Some never have any purpose in the first place! Although they all truly have purpose, it’s all about relativity. What’s relative to the here and now because everything always changes.

I feel like I’ve been here before

I have memories that I never lived

but I they are so strong that I remember every detail even the smell

Did you feel the way you do now when you were young?

I was never young (and truly never old).

But what do I do when I remember these memories?

Do I need these memories?

You can use what you get to help know yourself.

Yes, that is the journey.

But they are also within you so remember to allow that to guide you.

What’s the next level?

A mystery.

The people in power are they human?

I know they are human but do they have different type of DNA?

Human will be redefined in the coming time period.

Most people on Earth are not human.

Human was what was replaced when the current round of civilizations came here.

So I come from somewhere else.

Everyone does, yet still right here.

So for now Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you.

What you see in me is reflected from you.


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