A Journey of Unveiling the True Self

To expand your mind, seek more catalysts, use your creativity, challenge yourself and confront your fears of the unknown is to continue growing and learning.

When we push away opportunities to grow and learn is to push away the knowledge of our self. Everyone takes a journey into the unknown at some point. Those who venture farther out, return with more knowledge.

To survive great change, don’t take yourself too seriously.

To instigate great change, seek to unveil and know the true self behind the mask of materialism..

Be careless like a child, yet careful like the scientist and explorer.

What you do in one moment connects with and influences all other moments either through those moments influencing that one, or through that one influencing the other moments to come.

Remember, we are only here in relation to one another. So this is a collective journey, no matter how isolated we may seem at times. This is written into the nature of how we get here, what we are, and what we learn.


Questions and Comments

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