People Waking Up

If the people say, “were waking up!”, but the only reason they’re waking up is because of these events, then are they responsible for waking up, or the events?

Difficulty is a catalyst for higher awareness.


One thought on “People Waking Up

  1. Difficulty is only a catalyst for higher awareness when balanced with simplicity. I concur with your assessment in that regards Aug; but the problem we have here today isn’t the lack of awareness; it’s the overabundance of difficulty. Everyone is stuck in survival mode; because that’s the way we’ve been raised in this culture.

    We spend our time trying to figure out how we’re going to provide food, shelter and healthcare for ourselves and family. So we spend a large portion of our life trying to secure these basic necessities; thus ignore our inner-world entirely.

    Do you realize how many people have prepared for this Event(Disclosure/Ascension) that is about to take center stage? Very few and that’s due to the fact it’s too difficulty to do under these circumstances. We cannot come to see all difficulty as being an embodiment of higher awareness; because with higher awareness you see the futility of the difficulty paradigm. There is no easy or hard; just what is, we the definers or observers make such assumptions based upon our sensory inputs and beliefs.

    Let’s not divert the entirety of the difficulties on world stage into the box of “opportunities for Higher Awareness”, because many of the things we experience simply need not to be. It is a result of the randomness that is inherent within all creation. It serves no purpose, it pays no homage to ideologies that we humans and beings come to conjure with our intellect and awareness. It’s purpose is to show that purposelessness does exist.

    This randomness; also known as contingency is of nothingness; it doesn’t exists for any purpose; except the purpose of being anti-purpose or anti-life. Cobra talks about this a lot, he calls it the Primary Anomaly and there is much wisdom in what he shares. This force; this other side of the paradigm is a result of nothing; it is the closest embodiment of Chaos that we can ponder upon in the realms of consciousness. It came from nothing; thus it is nothing and since it creates difficulty from nothing in our lives; it is theoretically plausible to believe much of the difficulties we experience serve no purpose.

    Remember this when difficulties are revealed; because we must form a distinction between difficulties that are a result of our own behaviors or contingency/primary anomaly. Granted; if could be argued that even contingency is a result of us; but in the end, there exists a plethora of examples and evidence that can lead one to believe that things seem to be unnaturally more difficulty for us on the surface.

    Some of the problems we experience are minute in other realities and civilizations; but yet it seems to be a major problem for us. What would be a simply remedy for one civilization is a monstrosity of an obstacle for us to overcome; that is because of the primary anomaly acts as a amplifier and increases the things we don’t want in our life; it is the opposite of our desires, it is the opposite of the divine.

    This isn’t an excuse to blame an idea or others; but instead to realistically put things into proper perspective. You see; it would be the opposite for others; you see the primary anomaly interacts differently according to observer; the individual. The primary anomaly is arbitrary; thus dependent upon our individual will or judgment. This is why many of the Buddhas, enlightened masters preach of purging desires from our consciousness; not because it is wrong in of itself; but because this is how the Primary Anomaly interacts with us; through our desires and wants.

    Currently in the awakening community we have the desire to be free from bondage and slavery; thus the primary anomaly acts accordingly in the opposite manner. How it devised the best strategy in achieving this endeavor is through the imbalanced understanding of laying the blunt of responsibilities upon the people; the individual. It uses the laws that govern this creation/universe(which is unique from one creation to another) to create imbalances that serve it’s purpose. That’s very obvious when looking at the Law of Attraction; which has been heavily distorted and manipulated to the point where individuals actually do believe they’re the primary reason for much of the problems and hardships in their life; which is far from the Truth, because we fail to recognize the randomness which exists as the Primary Anomaly. Things in our life do happen out of randomness; to deny this Truth is deny that all is True unto the individual.

    We currently perceive our circumstances as being an embodiment of the individual; thus the primary anomaly creates the environment where it reflects the idea that reality is the embodiment of the collective. It seeks to be balanced; because in reality it seeks what we all seek; which is freedom, love and peace. Peace can only be created within the primary anomaly by means of interacting with it and forming a relationship with it.

    Many people in the awakening community view surface humanity as “un-enlightened” or “lacking awareness”, but in reality we are all Ascended Masters or Enlightened Beings in our own right by virtue of the fact that we have such a close and intimate relationship with this Primary Anomaly; which by the way is the source of creativity. No being; alien or spiritual master interacts independently from the Cosmic Anomaly; even the Prime Creator unto it-self/we-self interacts with Primary Anomaly; it’s a guiding principle that was there since the beginning; even before the concept of the “Beginning” came into form; because it existed beyond time and space as we understand it.

    My point being is that we cannot naively conclude that all difficulties are opportunities for higher awareness. There are many beings throughout creation that have NEVER EVER experienced the amount of difficulties we have; but yet they accumulate and acquire higher awareness just as much as we do; but in a much more graceful and easier manner.

    Difficulty does not always = opportunities for higher awareness; we need to seriously consider the possibility that some difficulties = Primary Anomaly; this they need not exist. I preach this theory only under the intention to simplify life for humanity; because I love you all and I disdain the amount of difficulty we currently have on the surface. If this can even help one person make there life easier for them; then this little rant/sharing was a success; which even if it didn’t help someone; it was still an success onto myself.

    Thank you Aug for giving me something to sink my teeth into and ponder upon. You have the tendency to evoke this side in me quite often; based upon the fact sometimes I view your outlooks and opinions as the contrasting element to my understanding. Be blessed and enjoy the rest of your day.


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