Learn From Those Who Cling To The Extreme Polarity of Negativity

Thanks to the people who have the energy and tendencies to show us how not to respond to knowledge and new information. They want to tap into your energy, your peace of mind, and your clarity. They want to tap into that flow that the individual experiences through the natural progression of

These people are here so we go our own pathway and do not end up like them in a feedback loop of seeking out and responding to negativity.

Use them to see where your own resilience to a reactionary mindset could be stronger and adjust your own vision by choosing to remain pristine and positively aware of the way your immaterial self flows from probability to possibility and generates multiple real outcomes in this plane. Thank them for being stuck here with no way out because on some higher-level this is all a projection planned out with the most care for who everyone is, who everyone has been, and who everyone can become.

Everything in your reality, and a part of your life is an aspect that you called forth for higher-learning. If you integrate the knowledge of the self, there is no clinging to ideals or intrusions. If one still must learn to adapt, then these intrusions will penetrate and distort one’s perception of the self leading to the experience of suffering and distorted perceptions of others.

We are to learn from these intrusions by seeing how they only have power if we give them that power by reacting to them. If we stay on our own course, guided from within, then we are strengthened in our ability to move through areas of difficulty and distraction.


This brings us to the projection metaphor. Everything fits into the storyline depending on how our personal self here can correspond with our higher-self outside of the projection. Everything is a prop that we’ve placed in our way. Everyone is an actor we’ve invited into the storyline. Every twist and turn is an opportunity to expand the storyline to greater heights or to tell ourselves we aren’t ready to have more experience, more diligence, more character and more change.

The video below is an excerpt from a recent release. This video details “The Projection Metaphor”.


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