Thanks to the Sisters

Thanks to the support of the women who have been leaving comments. I absolutely appreciate the brothers, but the sisters who help add that extra bit of compassion throughout all of this really help to bring one back to ground level making it that much safer and effective to access the heights of the immaterial realms.

I’ll conclude this message of appreciation with a transcendent outpouring of Alan Watts regarding the real you. You are the Universe, in the same way a wave is the ocean. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Thanks to the Sisters

  1. SHE like a gazelle and he like a young stag had lost themselves in each other to create many windows to peer through and weave a lattice of love between us… for LOVE OF THEE. बुध्


  2. Thank you Aug , I read everything you post. I feel so inspired by your work. I love the video you shared, I’m “flying ” right now 💞


  3. “Care is the actual love. If you have care, everything you do is procreating yourself.”
    Thank you Aug (I always want to call you Augie, but I respect the Aug)
    Compassion embodies all.


  4. We love you Aug and appreciate all the information you put forth in order to expand our awareness and get this earth back to its natural state. Much love to you from Pomona, California.


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