Informational Videos

A part of this process of assisting others is through bringing helpful and mind expanding information to people on this journey. I will be working on a portion of the blog as well as the fairly plain forums which will act as a reservoir for this information that comes from all over and through many intelligent and experienced individuals. Here are 9 videos that may interest you! Most are shorter, some are around 20 minutes. This will be separated on the blog through the tag, category, and header menu button of “Information Videos”.

I also created two more blogs which will act to separate the kinds of information brought forth. The more personal information, along with the other kinds will be mixed in on the original blog. Then there is a “The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge” blog which is for more formal addresses of the current state and the information that I was cleared to bring forth. Then there is another blog, “The Soul Unveiling” which will be for more refined works which can actually pass as “articles” instead of just posts or ideas. These can be reached from the header level menu under the drop-down menu button of “Other Unveiling Sites”.

Thanks to all who are interested and everyone else as well, each different perspective is what creates the variety of experience here.

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Questions and Comments

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