New Category; Conversations, Questions and Answers (Entry 1: Change yourself, change the Universe)

I was informed long before today that this would become a part of both the issues and the solutions for the situation. I spend much time speaking one on one with others and I have not begun to operate through a kind of formal therapeutic exchange system and so there is much conversation that I feel contains helpful responses that only a few people get to see.

As a solution to that I have created a new category which will contain the questions and requests of those interested and my responses to them which I feel may help others who commonly ask similar questions and could benefit similarly from these conversations.

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We know that we humans are from a multidimensional source of connection.
Shouldn’t that mean to leave physical sensations to be and focus on our heart instead?
Our soul purpose is to focus on the light that we are made off – do you agree? The universe is all about connection and harmony.

Physical sensations are part of the universe, integrate the higher and lower to become a more unified whole. To give into the physical alone, is to lose the higher.
To only focus on the higher, would be to lose the pathway to bring this to others.

But I see those physical desires as illusions.
These are lusts.

To be in the physical world but not be overcome by it is the challenge.

I never enjoyed as a child what my own generation liked.
Many things are just heartless, sourceless.

Simply achieve soul-awareness you will have done it.

Many things that we do are just reasonless. Wars must stop. Hunger must end.

That is a larger part of this.
Focus on what you can change within yourself.
When everyone does this, the world changes.
It will change for you at first as well.
When you change yourself, the universe changes.


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