The Duality of Destruction and Creation, Truth, Deception and Self-Empowerment

The Actions and Intentions of Those Who Lead the Way

The actions and expressions of the more wise, intelligent and experienced group of people create the ladder which is climbed by the rest of society towards the pivotal realization of what life journeys are to come.

What happens to the whole to all is shaped through an intelligent few and put to application through the many. This is the truth of social equality and outlines what is and outlined in what is provided through the more beneficial notion of social equity.When the majority of a population remains below the level of cognition that is accessed via the select few in power then that society is controlled via secrecy and the encouragement of ignorance within the majority of the population.

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When the population achieves a level of cognition beyond that of the initial layers of knowledge which distances them from the assessing of the reality of the control system, then that society is controlled via the acquisition, sharing or generating of knowledge and the allowance and enabling of the organization of such intentions by the majority of the population.These two societies exist in the same place and are “separated by time”. Separated by time is the title of a new post I am writing which explores and contributes to the definition of that notion and how this relates to unacknowledged special access programs.

Spiritually Similar, Physically Different or Physically Similar, Spiritually Different

Sometimes the flow of change and information is so intense and the difference in emotional and mental intelligence is enough to create the illusion of secrecy and separation where there is really a gradient of causality as some progress faster than the rest.

In this physical experience these differences are perceived as a variety of intelligences primarily an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual configuration of intelligences and this shapes each individual character. We may be similar, but this does not change the fact that some are suited to participate in the creative process because their consciousness has already initiated this acceleration while others are stimulated into acceleration as a result of their awareness of these individuals before them.

This is not above or below any different than the artist is above the audience. One is not defined without the presence of the other and the roles are interchangeable as one takes the initiative to express themselves in any given situation.

TRAUMA BASED TRUTH CONTROL: The Duality of Trauma and Healing


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