Electrogravitic Craft Sighting

If you haven’t seen this yet you have a look and see what you make of it.

This is what the electrogravitic device looks like. It shrinks space into a bubble. Within that bubble could be an entire crew and “ship”. The space in front of the craft is ‘bent’ to produce non-intertial motion.

An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

3 thoughts on “Electrogravitic Craft Sighting

  1. Electrogravitic Spacecraft Battling Over Manhattan & Other Phenomena by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

    Holy cow—what an opening. With that first pass I nearly ducked. It begins in real time, then slows down to a fraction of the speed. The space wars are getting up close and personal now? It was supposedly July 18, two days ago


    1. Amitakh Stanford routinely talked about how “storms” and “tunderstorms” in particular can be a cover for their space battles or near EArth battles. I’ve seen ufos…they’re nothing special. People place too much importance on what they see than what they have inside themselves. As Bruce Lee said…don’t focus on the finger pointing to the moon instead look at the moon or you will miss out on all that heavenly glory.


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