Trauma-Based Mind Control: Trauma Bonding

One way to organize the emotional and mental energies of a group of individuals is to bring them into an open, vulnerable state and then traumatize them together as a group.

A simple way to visualize this is if there were a circle of young adults or even children in a facility and they are restrained to a device or a certain area.

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The first child or young adult is electrocuted repeatedly with an electrical stun device sometimes with water being poured on their bodies beforehand to induce electrical conductivity. The device can be metal if much pain is to be felt, or softer like a sponge if there will be less pain.

The first child is severely devastated from the pain. As well, they may be asleep before this begins. So they all effectively wake up out of a drugged state or a hypnotic trance to being “kidnapped” in a facility and bound in restraints. This is to induce as much shock and horror as possible as this opens the psyche up to the deepest level of rebuilding or reformatting.

The other side of trauma is joy, and they are essentially two pathways to the same deep level access to the psyche. The problem with this is that it’s much easier to scare the shit out of someone, especially a child, than it is for a stranger to pat them on the back and make them feel loved and ultimately expanded into a higher state of awareness. Get the picture? It’s simply easier to use the threat of pain, death, or imagined fear to get the mind to open up. It is straight to the point, effective, and easily constructed as that individual we give all their attention to the source of that trauma and this will be used to rewrite their brain patterns. This is also related to what is called “depatterning” of the consciousness or emotional associations.

So the first individual is traumatized so heavily that when the restraints are lifted they don’t run. They don’t strike back. They simply sit there.

The individual still would like to leave, or find a reprieve from the situation, or at least not piss off the guy running the show so they are not out of the storm yet.

In order to leave, they must, in turn shock another child. They must traumatize that individual to the point where they feel they were traumatized themselves. The ‘instructor’ knows exactly how deep to go. So this initial child is heavily traumatized to the point of having their entire psyche collapsed and replaced with whatever routine or hierarchy that is required to survive that situation mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The child is also told that if they are not being honest, if they don’t honestly traumatize the other child through this shocking scenario, as deeply as they feel that they were traumatized, then the instructor will know this and they will have to begin the entire process all over again.

So of course, the child or young adult will shock the living hell out of the other child, even while crying or being further traumatized themselves from the situation. If they refuse, the same process will be repeated until they do. Or until another child or young adult is selected by the keenly observant ‘instructor’.

After this is done, that child is allowed to move on, leave the room, to go where ever is out of there. They are gone, they’ve escaped. They paid the price and bought their freedom, for now.

The next child is lifted from the restrains. They are given the same instructions under the same authority. This process continues until all the children have met the same fate. Their minds irrevocably altered, never again to see life the same. Never again to see an adult the same. Never again to see themselves…the same. This happens regularly, or as many times as necessary, as many days or weekends out of the month or year to get the end result. The entire process takes years.

Now here’s why it is done.

Sometime later, after the mental and emotional wounds have begun to heal but not quite progressed too far yet, all the children or young adults from this group are then placed into a threatening situation. The threatening situation is not your ordinary run of the mill scenario. It is beyond a battle field. It is a situation where their very minds are likely to turn on one another before the enemy reaches them.

Let’s say there is a control group. A group of yuppies off the street that have never seen the inside of an underground base.

This control group faces the same threat, the same difficulty within their own group and the same physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Who do you think survives?

The group that has been in the scenario described initially, they have been through one simple method for producing what is called “trauma-bonding”. This group is held together so tightly through their emotional and mental experiences together that they are like a string of knots holding pieces of rope together where the rope sections will each rip in half before the knots come undone under any stress or weight.

The group that did not go through this process will forget about what ties them together, they will forget about the pain they have seen and begin to focus on the pain that may come. They will lose sight of their inner strength and their power as one cohesive unit before the initial group, by far. By far, INEVITABLY so.

The trauma-bonded group will not be overwhelmed by what pain may come. By the threat of what could happen, by the fallacy of fighting against each other instead of working together as a group. All thoughts of misbehavior will have been squeezed from their minds like a wet rag twisted dry. They will be strict, straight-forward, and goal oriented even in the way they perceive one another or themselves in their own mind.

This is why this is done. This is why this is being spoken about now. There is a good reason, however this is not to say that some parts of these scenarios were not corrupted.

I am bringing you this information from my own experiences and I bring you the next sentence similarly. In some cases this process was ‘abused’ in itself through the selection of individuals, the methods used, the reasons for the process or the intentions of the ‘instructor’, or the ‘drawing of the line’ of where to stop or continue. Those who have used this process for their own benefit in ways that were not aligned with the protocols designed to produce a more powerful unit have been monitored, recorded, and noted as such. Steps have been taken, and steps will be taken in accordance with higher authority in dispensing constructive alignment where it is possible. This is all the information that this situation currently requires for you, the reader, to understand just what is happening in this social-political-off-world situation we are beginning to hear, read, and see the influences of more and more.

One truth this may allow you to see? Always look at the brighter side, regardless of what anything else anyone is attempting to tell you.

Thank you for reading. Together we create the future.


One thought on “Trauma-Based Mind Control: Trauma Bonding

  1. That could be, but if you use your investigative skills and look a little deeper you’ll see ritual traumatic abuse is a process used to produce alters which can be geared towards specific tasks. This is neither the lightest experience, nor the most intense, by far. By far, very much so. There are methods that would render this entire blog X-rated if I mentioned them here. You can do your research and find the truth instead of wasting time berating people on the internet. It’s your choice.

    This may help you learn about the situation and is one of my initial disclosures to the public. Thanks for the comment.


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