A quick update on myself and the social changes we are seeing.

Just a quick update on the situation I see as well as the social changes:

A little bit of nausea, some reactionary hives to the meds and a little bit of visceral pain that some how dropped out from the usual stabbing, being hit with a ball point hammer in my flank pain. I was still for about 18 hours just now. I did this earlier this year when I had a similarly intense issue but with my nerves and with another organ system. Its quite interesting how being perfectly still for almost a day in both situations allowed my body to reset itself after my mind was reset from pain that was intense enough to cause me to convulse.

Thank you all for the help, I’ll be taking the next week very carefully and slowly. There will be probably be some more pain as things “settle” themselves but I know how to adjust my emotional and mental patterns as well as my behavior and interactions with others in order to remain steady and balanced throughout the next coming changes.

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We are in the age of information and right now there is exposure of corruption taking place. This will be both more than what you expect as well as not quite what can be proposed for this time. Big changes coming, I said this a while ago during my first, second radio interviews and then my third and fourth (first and second) discussions with Emma Gold, the system is exposing itself that is part of what is happening. This is not about blame, terror, attacking anyone, this is about healing through self-awareness, love, truth, honor and harmony. Let’s live up to the projected capabilities of the higher awareness within this human race.

I am doing good. I learn from the pain. If I turn the wrong way I feel intense pain. This is a world of difference from simply being incapacitated and I feel the pain has brought me back all the way down to humble lower body consciousness and I can climb the ladder very carefully again from there.

When I said in my recent video in the woods, “ignore the presents on the bottom of the tree, materialism is an illusion.”

The second part of that is true. However, ignorance is not the answer. For there to be a light on top there MUST be presents on the bottom. That is the only way it works.

Be AWARE of the presence/presents on the bottom of the tree, but do not DWELL on this nature. Move past this nature and rise upward towards HIGHER AWARENESS in all its brilliance.

4 thoughts on “A quick update on myself and the social changes we are seeing.

  1. I have tried many times to support you through Patreon,,but for some reason it will not approve my card,,I had supported another you tuber,,stoped and since then she has blocked mt from using Patreon,,Is there another way to support other than paypal as i find paypal very expensive,,also whenever i try to by anythng through visa i alwayse have to go through paypal once they have my card number,, even if i do not desire to. If you have another way great,,if not i will find another way ,,Thank you for all the info you provide, so very appreciated,,,


  2. I’m a pretty avid reader of your blog but I haven’t come across why you’re experiencing the pain issues. Do you mind me asking what this is from?


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