Difficulties ahead for the U.S., Bloodlines, Nations and Spiritual Discipline

Just a reminder, I distinctly remember something being said about Fidel Castro and this event marking a swift change for the world starting with the United States.

There are most likely rough times ahead.

Look at it this way. The world has seen the U.S. lead in gluttony, greed, materialism, hatred, lust, and the others.

So to balance this out the world will see the U.S. reverberate and learn to balance these energies out. It is one big plan for learning so that there a finally a reasonably peaceful society after everything is resolved.

Those who don’t participate in the emotional and mental imbalance will not be as affected. However, we are all physically connected through one way or another. So heavily populated areas will be affected the most throughout the entirety.

Those are the areas with the most dependent people who lack the discipline required to maintain when things go awry. There are plans to help secure the situation if things do take that turn and of course people have been led to believe that this is to trap people in the borders or take over entirely for their own safety.

Of course if it was so desired to take over entirely, well, then it happened already.

This is about spiritual balance and yes there is a rather harsh angle of this about what can be referred to as generational “curses” or balancing out the energetic/spiritual development of bloodlines that have been monitored while traveling across the world from earlier times.

One notion that was revealed to me is that a nation is maintained by ancestry and a kind of overmind or “spirit of the land”. When a bloodline leaves this spiritual home of their land of origins they are then considered a kind of “free-agent” and if they are not careful this opens them up to all kinds of manipulation.

So the people of America or what was once America and is now the United States, have become indoctrinated into leaving their homeland behind and thus the protection of their overmind spirit.

What they add to the world from here will be determined by what they add to the newland and thus what kind of spirit they both generate as well as incorporate into.

Thus, we have the land of the fallen, overcome with lust, greed, and general immortality or forgetfulness of one’s higher spiritual values.

Then comes the opportunity for those in control of certain flows to then enact a kind of disciplining scenario which basically involves burning those lower energies out. That is pretty much the situation that is taking place now and the real rough part has not begun.

However, we can mitigate these harsher effects by beginning or continuing our own spiritual work and coming to terms with what we are, and what we have done here.

How have we added to the world? How have we contributed to this nation? How have we contributed to the shaping of the overmind?

Have we taken more, spiritually, from the morphogenic field or etheric field of those around us? Or have we added? Did we add in a way that simply drained us, or have we learned how to truly teach people how to discipline themselves? Teach a man to fish…

Questions and Comments

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