Laugh and Heal

One of the easiest ways to heal is to make the idea of continuing to be emotionally restricted funny or silly.

Only when we compare ourselves to some other situation that is not our own do we find suffering through relativity.

If we accept our lessons, our challenges and inner work then we are all on our own path and capable of maximizing and advancing to our own spiritual fulfillment.

Focus on yourself. If you see others who are successful, then see that it is that much easier for yourself to attain the same success!

One thought on “Laugh and Heal

  1. If nothing else works, They can ditch the Project Blue Beam trick and just use you as a pseudo-Messiah in a “Second Coming” scenario. You look remarkably like the Christian concept of Jesus, and you could talk circles around any TV preacher. Confuse the Hell outa them! If they ask why you have a bum shoulder, just ask them if they heard about that Crucifixion thing. Think of the donations that could bring! The TV preachers could start a “Jesus Saved Us, Now Let’s Save Jesus” Campaign and ask for money to fix your shoulder! You would never really get the money if they were involved, but who cares — you’d be an automatic Chick-Magnet!


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