The Beginning of Overt-Activity Between Light and Dark Forces

I cannot verify and have not looked into any of the details regarding this post.

My point is.

This is EXACTLY what it will look like when it begins. And when it does begin, EVERYTHING will be unveiled and those who have not already started to prepare their minds for what is coming will not be able to maintain.


2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Overt-Activity Between Light and Dark Forces

  1. What possible benefit does that statement have in purpose and greater meaning to put forth positive consciousness energy, towards what it means to anchor ourselves in peace, love harmony and balance with the wave signal harmonic from which we come from GAIA as mother earth, except to produce negative energy into the filed of consciousness. That statement is as much to give energy support to negative lower energy beings than it is to invoke love energy into the field.


    1. Any benefit you want. If you want to see positivity or negativity you will. Perception starts within. The pattern goes, TERRA (Earth), TARA, and GAIA. Multiple factions are communicating with you now to help you prepare for and understand what is to come. An individual lack of cooperation or self-initiated healing will not avoid or delay these events. That is why this is happening now.

      Earth/Terra is the physical planet you see here and now. Tara is the intermediary between the transition. Gaia is an above 3.5D restriction level civilization with resolved timeline paradoxes. Gaia is the source of the human civilization. Tara is an intermediary timeline that developed through alterations and modification. Terra/Earth is the resulting confused timeline that is heavily modified and particularly artificial.


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