The Reward of Selflessness

The more I try to be a good person, the worse people treat me and the worse my situation gets. I do not understand it. I understand that you do not get rewarded for being selfless and I do not look for praise for being kind and looking out for other people, but to be treated like I am nothing and worthless by other people hurts me emotionally.

True selflessness is the actual reward.
That’s the tricky part.
If we are interacting with others with true selflessness then it will not matter how they respond.
HOWEVER, does this mean to stay around hurtful people? Or at least to stay interacting on that level? NO

Half of this is coming to terms with your own preferences and linking your talents together in a way that can really provide an effect for those around you. Helping is not about being a good person. It is about being diligent enough to know what energy to add to a given situation in order to provide for healing and change that will bring out what is desired by both sides.

It is like a compromise between yourself, the universe, and the other individual(s). This is also like a compromise between the minds of all involves and the natures, bodies, or lower forms of what is present. We all have higher and lower forms and so this must be taken into account. That way instead of rejecting the lower form, one can complement it with the higher and in this way resonate with others to bring about the most powerful possible results.

Moments like these are tests or challenges to see if this is what you really want. The reward is always further increasing and after the challenge. And often the challenge itself is the reward. But it always continues! Thus there are different levels of healers or actors in this stage.

Yes, I have experienced this too. Do not let the lack of boundaries of others, translate into a lack of boundaries for yourself? Understand? This is your life lesson for this period in your life. Be kind to those with cold hearts and you will have mastery over their coldness. They will have no choice but to follow the truth, awareness, and harmony! For the light of the soul is the way of self-empowerment, not coldness. Heal, tenderly touch with your mind and withdraw when those who are not ready cannot take the light. If a person is continually placed within your life it is for this reason.

Thanks for listening Aug, I really appreciate it.

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