Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct

(post repeated) Mental-Emotional Torture/Trauma-Based Mind Control, Machine Learning, Bio-Etheric Emissions Harvesting, Color Coded Humans


The Apocalypse, Simulcra and Simulation

Post-Apocalypse Simulator

All the survivors will be placed into a simulator with a complete replication of the current local-Earth environment.

After the completion of the cycle of 26,000 years the individuals will be brought out of the simulator and judged based upon their development of that internal holographic world-environment.

Repeating Cycles

This may or may not happen on this timeline and this may or may not have previously occurred in order to produce this current timeline.

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5D Soul Printing, Binary to Trinary Consciousness, Holographic Earth Projection, Trauma-Based Soul-Imprinting, Consciousness Infection, the Previous 6 Cycles and the Trinary Consciousness Healing of Time (SOLAR WARDEN)

5-dimensional Soul Printing

There is a technologically assisted group-soul present on Earth.

The specific group-soul here is generated through a quantum technological system which operates to produce genetic material and sustain a base ‘soul-server’ system for the soul-group that each individual is incarnating through.

Binary to Tertiary/Trinary Consciousness

With the current level of development as well as resistance within this system, there is only the capacity for a binary level of consciousness complexity. This is polarity based, or desire pleasure-pain based.

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Group-Soul Trading, The Announcement Of The Secret Space Program and Disclosure

Group Souls

Group souls or soul-groups incarnate into a ‘planetary’ physical experience.

The Earth experiment is a conglomeration of multiple group-souls of varying development and integrity.

Soul Trading

There is an agenda of a soul-group to consume and assimilate as many other souls as possible.

At the end of “time” whoever’s soul vibrates on a certain harmonic frequency merges with the corresponding group-soul vibration that has been on Earth.

This is seen as a kind of “trading game”. Some have turned this into a war, however.

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Holographic Energy Harvesting Soul-Trap and Time-War

This is a holographic universe. The systems in his location have been compromised by an interdimensional virus. This replicated and rerouted the energy centers of sentient beings living in their nervous systems and the electromagnetic energy around them, literally in their thoughts and blood.

This timeline may be the last frequency expansion of universe meaning what happens here is not the “cosmic forethought” or “daydream” but the actual, final and eternal occurrence.

The process is that of energy leeching where a person is utilized as an etheric life-force or life-code well. The issue is that through dimensional technology a boundary has been set up around this plane so that souls may not permeate. As a result, people think they are here for dozens of years. We have all been here for millions of years. This is where the whole idea of extended karma and reincarnation comes from. Just see how that looks. People have to come to die over and over again because they’re too stupid to live right? No, this is an overlay, karma is instant. Ever since this system millions of years ago karma is managed through technology and those who control this system divert their karma unto the innocent by getting them to accept that they are weak and stupid and deserve to pay it off. The system is operated through hypnosis and trauma-based mind control. The human genome has been tweaked to allow for easier manipulation through trauma, perversion and emotional-mental confusion, co-fusion. Instead of operating as one force people are broken within themselves and so they accept broken leadership from blind eyes.

The system is a holographic projection and so the key is to remembering this and operating ones vessel and mind accordingly to the truth behind the projection which is feeling and self awareness.

Earth, from this dimensional layer, is used as a breeding ground. Those who are strong will protect themselves and those who they can without injury.

The mind is a scalar device and can project cleanliness or disharmony. The decoherence pattern is what enables a partial being to then use that being as its host. When the body and mind are whole, then the energetic systems are more complete and so there is no room for foreign intelligence.

This is the nature of the vulnerability, that an unaware individual who is not keen on observing their self and knowing where and why their energy flows will be easily compromised and used as a host.

This is the meaning behind the current world events and even since the beginning of this civilization.

Various groups have been timeline hopping as part of a mission to secure a viable timeline for humanity.

WhiteHatDarkHat: ” Astral Plane Update 11-24-16 “Spirit Transfers”

This is part of it.

” Astral Plane Update 11-24-16 “Spirit Transfers”

There is an ancient technology that is currently being abused on the astral plane that causes the spirit of a person to be transferred with another spirit that is without a body on the astral plane.

A lot of the surface population have had at least two spirits entering in and out of their physical body throughout the course of their lifetime.
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Multiple Timelines, Ritual, Genetic Memory Manipulation and Mass Inserted Memory

Rituals As Spiritual Energy Agreements

Ritual, as taught to the masses through “holi” days are contractual agreements which ensnare the unsuspecting participant into a continued energy harvest engagement bounded by the complementary actions of the energy harvested party.

Individuals can withdraw their consent through intention, affirmation or announcement, and commitment to their expressions.

Healing Through Retro-Causality

When this is properly achieved, the individual gains their natural ability to traverse time and retro-causally influence the past to nullify agreements that are unconscionable, invalid as deceptive, or invalid through a violation of contract.

Ritual As Transtemporal Synchronization

Ritual, or ceremony as taught to the inner circles are a literal meeting and synchronization between this plane and multiple ethereal planes of spiritual existence across timelines and harmonic layers of the universe.

Multiple Harmonic Universes

There are multiple “harmonic universes” which are essentially like the 7 octave separations of pitch, color frequency, the energy centers of the body, and other primary collections of physical and energetic compositions which describe the universe. From the micro-to the macro, there are overall 7 larger cycles of “Earth” existence and each one contains a greater proximity to the ‘original’ existence which is one and forever.
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“THE MEANING OF ‘BEYOND DUALITY'(Sept., 1998) By Noel Huntley”

This information is going to get complex, as well “current” events. This is a beginners look into duality and transcendence. I will produce my own explanations of the next steps and various parallel descriptions of the mechanics however this is one that I have been fond of since first reading many years ago.


“By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.Duality, as the word implies, means two states, two poles, both of which arise from a division of unity. ‘
The unity aspect of this energy mechanism will be at least 4-dimensional, projecting into 3D but a more detailed description is beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, it is explained in the new physics section, under The Basic Energy Unit: The Vortex. By 4D we mean a direction at right angles to 3D, into inner space.
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Color Coded Human Bio-Etheric Emissions Within An Artificial Construct

Mental-Emotional Torture/Trauma-Based Mind Control, Machine Learning, Bio-Etheric Emissions Harvesting, Color Coded Humans

“Ascend out of” or “above” Polarity Consciousness

A Hypnotic Spell Over Consciousness (part of the 9 veils and simultaneously the whole idea)

There is a hypnotic spell to invoke fear or hatred but this is an illusion through which the fear or hatred is expressed within itself. In other words, it’s logistically self-defeating. If there is something to be feared or hated then this is solidified and created by that perception as this is the improper response to such.

The fear that people emit is the literal etheric fuel for the control devices that magnify this energy and send it back to people.

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“Insanity is: Siding with good or evil and changing good and evil….”

This is the more advanced truth. At first people perceive good as the pathway. Then they realize duality or polarization is actually the key to self-destruction or distortion of mind and body.

Then there is the realization that all in this universe is merely a projection, the vain imagination you mentioned in another.

Thus all aspects of this universe are simultaneously as real and fake, good or evil as can be. The true observer, the heart and mind of the human and the true self, that is the only real essence in this entire universe and that can’t be changed but only delayed from realization or weakened. Continue reading ““Insanity is: Siding with good or evil and changing good and evil….””

Higher-Dimensionality of Self and Consciousness

When you start remembering the future, this indicates you are on the path. Remember, consciousness is only relative to the holographic continuum of the biological brain and body. Consciousness is trapped to this universe. Pure-awareness goes beyond. Pure, unadulterated, unshaped awareness. To cultivate this awareness is to step onto a path that begins to continuously and exponentially move beyond what consciousness seeks to define through linear contrast and numerical quantity.

The path is higher-dimensional. The parameters of the dimensions of the motion on this path is described as moving forwards and backwards in time simultaneously.

This is also existence, being present in both the future and the past, simultaneously.

The states at which they exist is the defining factor of the model you will consciously or unconsciously choose to utilize in describing your reality and thus literally ascribing to this through the expansion of that reality blueprint from within your nether region, abdomen, and head into the projection that we perceive around us as the collective domain.

The present moment is now and now is all that ever is.
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Forgiveness Is Key; Bio-Etheric Implants and Parasitism

Forgiveness is key. There is a literal energetic connection made between the heart of the victim and the heart of the perpetrator, when there is a continued feeling of lack or degradation on the behalf of the supposed ‘victim’ then this is an actual charge flow like a di-pole battery through a circuit and the circuit is the etheric medium of hyperspacial psychic fluid.

When we produce feelings of peace and self-empowerment by attributing our experience to self-responsibility and self-initiated control over our frequencies, this literally short-circuits that feed system whereby there is no longer a quantum heart-link or psychic etheric link between the bio-spheres or auras of the individuals or the group.

The intensity and release of this process is compounded with trauma and this is the nature of the control system to make this self-empowerment as far to reach as possible. Yet, this is against the natural blueprint of the universe, the inner cosmos.

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The Christ Mass Mystery

Since some others are on this page.


Sent him on his nightmare into the next life?

Or crossed the light of the sky into the next phase of solar energy?


As the light turns to night and the night turns to dawn the funeral becomes a wake and the awakened ones see beyond.

Then we see the truth, the truth that we relay, for we avoid and misbehave just to live another day, atone, a tone-frequency, atonement) God to receive your eternal immaterial presence?

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Find THE PATH that’s TRUE.



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The Brain is Organic, Artificial Intelligence (ALIEN) This Environment Is Holographically Propagated Through Fractal Holographic Consciousness

The Brain Is The Maze

This is actually closer to the truth, I actually made a video about this topic earlier today. The question is who invented the brain and how does awareness navigate to, or source from outside this universe. I’ll be posting sometime tonight, check my facebook and youtube. If you think it’s cool, then you don’t get it. That is the mind control.

The brain is the maze, look up the bull with the maze between the horns.Research genetic manipulation theories and evidence of racial-special manipulations or changes that do not coincide with environmental or natural biological changes.These are artificial, IE: they are stimulated so as to be simulated as part of nature, not synchronized with the timing of nature or the direction and progression of natural biological spiritual development.

This is where mind-control is born from, because the mind is immaterial and multi-dimensional while the brain is limited to a specific ‘set’ of parameters meaning the brain traps one within a limited “scene” like a movie scene or set a crew of actors and producers of this reality.

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