Conversation: Why Forgive?

All quotes are questions or comments from another individual. All non-quoted texts are my reponses.

Is your point supposed be that we have to forgive, forget and love these beings and people for what they have done and are going to continue to do?

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If you wish.
But if that’s what you do you may not force others to do the same or you become these beings.
Secondly, if this continues, then this civilization and thus universe collapses into the void.
So re-read my words.

Not in any lifetime would I forgive them for what they have done.

Then you will see that it repeats itself.
And eventually that will transfer your position to theirs.
This is rough, but I’m skipping many stops with you.
This is what we have learned/witnessed.
They take that hate and they use it for them.
They feed on it.

So if we were to forgive them and act in a compassionate manner they would stop what they are doing?

The point is that it will not stop then as they will use that to fuel more missions of darkness.
And no at the same time.
It will heal the timeline which will close out this “chapter” of the universe.
The darkness heals.
When that happens.
This whole time didn’t exist and we wake up from a dream.
It doesn’t mean that the good times didn’t exist.
It means the darkness turns back to clarity, the confusion to clarity.
These are part in result of safeguards as well as that massive manipulations that have taken place.

How were these beings created?

This is a difficult and complicated subject
Some say through the pent up miasma, the soul darkness of the original human race.
Some say as an experiment.
Some say they were always here, but simply belong to the underworld which is not always supposed to be congregated around a single abyssal planet attacking it with impunity.

Do they have a goal or “end game”?

Of course, to take over the human race and turn Earth (surface) into a home base.

Why us and why Earth?

This too, doesn’t make sense from a human perspective, it is too rough to comprehend.
The closes to human language can express is, “wrong time wrong place”
Just like when someone gets kidnapped or hit with a stray bullet.
It’s just a random act of hate, that’s all that can come from the underworld, it is also focused though, like a military operation, so our language doesn’t really encompass the kind of energies involved.

These beings would be the Archons that our ancestors wrote about? And possibly fought.

Yes. And no so much fought but sought to balance and heal throughout.
To us it’s, “Adhhh, why!!??”
To them it’s just a way of life.
“No biggie.”

Completely different consciousness. Are their other forces or beings that are benevolent in nature and are trying to help us?

Yes, of course. The universe is one half, one half. Light and dark. And secretly it is all light.

I will leave it at that Aug. Thank you for the conversation and writing about this topic.

Thank you to for the conversation. Basically, harmony healing and balance solves the situation everything else is a trick set up for failure to feed the imbalance which caused this in the first place.

I understand Aug, feel free to use our conversations any way you want I do not have a problem with it.

Thank you, much love to you.

You too Aug.


3 thoughts on “Conversation: Why Forgive?

  1. Go spend a year living in a tree-house on a magnetic tropical volcanic island like Kauai as many of us surfers who did in the 1970’s and you’ll learn as we did what that means.Its the shortest route to clearing and healing your stored negative energies that I know of. GAIA;s energy is love energy to heal you and clear you.

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  2. When your spirit resonates in harmony with GAIA(Mother Earth) we naturally resonate in a harmonic wave frequency that is in harmony with our creator. When you realize how and why the hierarchies and money systems they herded people off of an agrarian and egalitarian existence, to take them away from living in peace and harmony, and begin following their puppet masters,what happens to people like this is unfortunate and much of their behaviors and their subconscious programming to live the way they do in service to self, you end up with what you see in America.
    The highest act of unconditional love, is forgiveness.
    If you have not learned how to do this,, you will not have cleared your own energy field, to resonate in the highest wave frequency of love.
    If you know this, you have have reached a higher level of spiritual development. Keeping your soul complex of consciousness and energy is critical to maintaining peace and harmony within your soul.

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    1. Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me. Many people are hurting, we can do our best. On top of that, there are scalar beams hitting people both in groups and individually and so there will be a requirement of specific clearing and healing energies. Thank you for your words. Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me.

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