Conversations: Forgiveness and Healing

Remove, lighten, clarify any hate in your heart for these beings or any aspect of creation otherwise there is no return!

Our true essence is love , practice practice

Practice practice like is said above. As well, there are implants and toxins in this land that must be removed in order to expand.

Hi Aug, hope you’re doing better. Can you expand on exactly why it’s so important to clarify any hate etc for beings that committed such atrocities? I think it’s all about the principle of correspondence, being hateful will just feed more hate, we as humans have to show what we are capable of, but I fear that most people will totally lash out. I’d like to have more tools to prevent them from doing so…

Hate is the fuel to generate such action. I am writing a post on a conversation I just had on this.
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Conversation: Why Forgive?

The more of the abuses and crimes and satanic crap that comes out it’s harder to feel anything but disgust and anger toward the parasites.

Everyone can hate, it takes a self-empowered one to heal and accept peace.

Hi aug, how do you manage forgiveness? It’s easy BEFORE re-integration of your personalities but during it seems impossible and after not easy. Going through the hate, anger and than pain and sadness is so much. Especially if you also had to watch others (your loved ones) being tortured and the remembered “experiences” were more than one live…

Feel the emotions you are to feel and allow them to pass. Don’t dwell on the past. The forward motion is through healing. Self-healing and helping others heal. Taking in the burden of holding pain harms the self, not the others. Holding onto the pain so the self can’t heal helps to continue the cycle of damage and delayed healing.

Is wanting those demonic people brought to Justice holding on to hate?… I understand the concept of not holding on to all the anger and the pain that all this unveiling is bringing-up. However, it’s not just in the past. It continues to this day to go on until every last child is rescued. How does one move forward from knowing that? How does one stay balanced as a mother with enough happiness and joy to continue to give to her family, and yet at the same time process all this Collective conscious pain properly?

Find motivation through these influences, these energies. If something is suppressing, depressing, and dis-empowering, then it is not related to healing. Sure, there are parts of the healing process that may feel darkening before the actual healing, but a continual adherence to that darkness is the opposite of healing. This means that we must be motivated by what we feel, to bring about a greater situation for all rather than attempting to play the old game which reinforces the old situation. Spiritual changes instead of old world justice. That justice system is outdated and actually means “just us”, there is no justice in that system. So we have to spiritually activate in order to actually free this civilization.

10 thoughts on “Conversations: Forgiveness and Healing

  1. I understand the heart to only hold Love, the True form of Love which is unconditional, omnipresent and the Source from which we all come, Not the love people speak of that is inclusive of other emotions and variables of control with expectations. The Heart only holds the energy of Love. I understand the solar plexus to hold the energy of emotion, emoting and feeling projecting and receiving, all things Sympathetic; sensitive, compassionate, caring, understanding, supportive, kind, etc. The emotions of hatred, anger, fear, etc. are sympathized in the solar plexus. Anger can fuel change. There are very valid reasons to feel anger and so-called negative emotions. The key is to use these emotions, esp. ‘anger’ as fuel for Change and Transformation. Take the anger and turn it in to something that is wanted. Transform the anger into What is Wanted. There is no need to focus on what exists in the regard of negative; the need is to focus on What is Wanted From that place to another Transformed and Created into something that brings Love and Joy. Anger is a very productive emotion that provokes change. Let it be transformed and Created into something Beautiful. This is the key to working with anger and other so-called ‘negative’ emotions. They are there to remind us that a Change is needed for a transformation in to something else, something more Joyful, Beautiful, Pleasurable, Loving; a reminder to emit from the Heart the energy of Love which is the Source of all Creation. Do not stamp out the Anger, but Transform it. Acknowledge the Anger and Transform it into What is Wanted – usually that is Love; So, let us Create it in to Love.


    1. …on that note, Fear exists as a sympathetic, bodily reminder or warning that danger is present; danger being a presence that harms or whose intent is regarded by the individual ‘feeling’ the fear that the other presence is not congruent with their balance in understanding of what is healthy and being well; hence, the im-balance and warning that there is a presence nearby that is not the same or congruent with the true nature of the being, of the self. Fear is the warning, and when recognized as such can be transmuted to neutral, a situation seen for what it is, what is there can be seen, and one can then transform the situation, make the choice to visualize Safety even amongst danger, empowered in Protection of Safety even when surrounded by opposing wills, moving the danger away from the self and in a sense encasing the self in a protection bubble as one moves through and amongst anyone or anything in any situation.


  2. But in terms of the main point and not the analogy? (I know of a guy unafraid of a rattlesnake which in turn nearly killed him)

    Also, would you say it is true that there are essentially 1 billion humans here? That’s vs. a census of 7 billion. Are we that outnumbered? Does that translate to the ratio of soul-bearing humans vs. soulless parasite imposters?


    1. In the actual reality, if you fear the mental poison it has affect, if you do not fear it you can move away from it without interacting further.

      Apparently that 1 B number is closer to the actual number of humans if that.

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  3. Hello, Aug
    I red your comments and those of others with interest. I know that, yes, we are told we have to forgive and let it all go. However it is difficult to achieve this if the causation of the pain, i.e. those responsible remain and continue in the same practices and nothing changes. If the situation does not change, how can there be forgiveness and healing?


    1. What you are doing is confusing forgiveness with actual healing. Forgiveness is just one step towards healing while healing is the actual steps taken to mitigate such injury and reduce the likelihood of the same happening again.

      Now, these are closely related because they are intertwined as a result of this psycho-spiritual containment system being partially converted into a feedback system.

      If someone refuses to forgive they experience emotional mental depression as well as vulnerability. If there is vulnerability and energetic depression then there is a likelihood of continued manipulation and suffering.

      So it is clear that forgiveness leads one out of the vulnerable state and that a lack of forgiveness opens one up to further attack.

      What is not clear is how to avoid and move forward from there, beyond the idea of simply forgiving. This is through cleansing and committing to a life that does not harm others and respects the balance throughout the universe.

      Where there is imbalance accepted in one’s life, it is like an invitation for more imbalance. That is what is happening in the modern world. In universal law, if people are spiritually and physically disrespecting and harming themselves and each other, then who is to say to some other individuals who oversee this to stop from producing a system which induces further harm and loss of self-control? If anything, wouldn’t reducing the self-control be a safety feature? If police or paramedics are called to someone who is harming themselves or others, is not the first thing they do stopping them by reducing the individuals self-control?

      So this is spoken and written through society at large and this is expressed through each individual action and even each individual mind which can be witnessed from energetic planes through advanced technology and advanced spiritual beings.


  4. yes, thanks for the reminder!!!! i tend to really really lose it sometimes…. xoxoxo but i know if there is a bad guy in my movie, it’s me masquerading as my lack of self- love. thank you as always for the wise reminders as we make our way to where you are.


  5. Hello Aug — After being outed, the devouring destroyers who’ve given away their soul (and the counterfeits that have no soul) are then free to go? I’m sincere — how would this differ from climbing into a pit of vipers and saying I love you all?


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