Free-Will and Consciousness, Harmony and Spiritual Development

People are frightened and dis-empowered are when they don’t know what to talk about if they are faced with the idea that everything is bullshit designed to distract them from their true self and the true reality.

The other half of this equation is producing self-empowerment via the increasing of awareness through analysis and introspection of the true immaterial self and coming to know the methods of healing and clarification of the emotional and mental bodies.
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There are multiple bodies that represent the human and all life. The idea is that the human has a complex of bodies because this is a very advanced form of existence that allows for the contemplation and experience of an emotional nature, a mental nature, a physical nature, and higher spiritual natures of the universe.

These are the physical senses, the mental and emotional senses, and the higher senses of knowing that accompany human existence. The concept of awareness or the knowledge of the self is but one facet.

One could say, and there are models for categorization, that the ability to know mathematics, the ability to philosophize, the ability to conceive artistically and of an abstract perspective, the ability to visualize and project are all nature’s of existence that are available to the human through the complex system of materiality and energetic or immaterial selves,

This is the union between the physical biology and the operation of such via the energetic spectrum known as the “soul” or the mind.

Animals themselves participate in awareness, and it is believed even some self-awareness, yet they do not have the complex faculties that synchronize together to generate the possibility of not knowing certain aspects of existence and therefore the ability to learn and integrate into various combinations of these aspects to generate the knowledge described above.

These animal consciousnesses may experience interdimensional existence, they may leave their body during dreams. They may understand the correspondence of higher and lower forms, deities and partially anchored astral beings. They may perceive these aspects.

They might not, however, have the ability to comprehend the complex way in which such systems can be used to create sub-systems and how fragments of consciousness can be partially aware within those. They may simply go through the experience without introspecting beyond the necessity, while humans have the option to “stop time” and ponder.

This is the ability to control and shift consciousness into different modalities so as to translate one’s self across these planes that other beings will remain only partial to. The human is a universal traveler. This is the ability to guide one’s awareness beyond where the stimulus or the senses are directing, this is the ability to literally shape reality, to change perception through will-power.

Thus, will-power, and the ability to express such will-power is the gift that humanity has on this plane and in all planes, as this power is non-negotiable. A person either uses this power and they feel the consequences, whether beneficial or partial, of such, or they do not use this power and they feel the consequences of such.

It may be said that using this power of will to explore the self in good intentions, without intending to harm others or induce imbalance of any of the spiritual laws of harmony and balance is always beneficial, while ignoring this power of will will always result in a loss of that power to some degree while incurring the wrath of supposed sub-deity planes of consciousness and disharmony which represent themselves in life as suffering to some degree.

This time is all about the coordination of efforts to increase the self-awareness through introspection and maintained focus on the issues that are influencing behavioral, mental and emotional patterns which serve to reduce that capacity for higher will-power.

The more we utilize our will-power to further increase such self-awareness, the more this will influence the overall turn of events on the surface of Earth and the intermediary planes.

Question: How do you deal with fact that human people eat animal people? This is something very disturbing and hurtful to me and have not being able to find a way to deal with it…

A big step is to realize that animals are living beings as well and they are often tortured in the process of farming or even being pets. They can even communicate with their bodies or their minds.

We have been desensitized to ignore certain aspects of horror and torture yet to be surprised when it happens in other situations. Seeing how this is part of the mental and emotional manipulation we can not only learn how these things are happening all over as pain and duality is part of physical life but that the mind can be made to fear or not fear certain issues depending on the programming.

Through deprogramming one can remove the tendency to react to certain issues without self-awareness, or without will-power over how we will react or perceive certain issues. Taking the power back, often from the start, is choosing how we will respond to stress and this includes maintaining calm and peace when darkness is revealed. This leads into deprogramming and self-healing.

I do that but I’m a clarisentient empath so I can feel their pain and horror they go through in this planet and some times is not easy at all to remain center.

Transmute the pain into self-empowerment. This then in turn furthers the process for those around you. To continue feeling the pain is also projecting and amplifying that out, that is why certain empaths are used.


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