When Others Slow You Down

Sometimes you have to see how others slow you down in order to know how fast you can really go. (not directed to anyone in the immediate temporal proximity, immediate proximity, is that redundant? XD )

Here’s a shocker to some (most?).

Did you know the “heart” image that is common today is actually closer to a reptile heart?


Enough wayward attention, I’m working on a few videos and posts simultaneously. All are relative to current events, self-empowerment and healing or disclosure.


3 thoughts on “When Others Slow You Down

  1. Near ‘mediate proximal central point to heart/love… a direct, primary, but not exigent matter with many potentials in fetal/egg form depending on the intent when directing a common infra-red laser. ;) I’ve been having fun reading about Dr. Peter Gariaev’s work – not too far fetched (reptile heart) in context.


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