The Convergence, The Unveiling, The Collapse of the Artificial Timeline and the Migration to the Organic Timeline

You are literally all times and spaces within you.

This is is literally the stuff of advanced technology and operations.

The equations that are used to define the differences between you and other spaces and times are the same equations that define those spaces and times.

It’s not that the differences are negateable or undoable, it’s that they are interchangeable.

Thus, each person’s storyline and experience actually neatly folds into all other storylines and experiences in different ways at different times.

I was guided to not go to deeply into this aspect of The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge because the truth about the corruption must come to light first and this is important.

Yes, there is much corruption and this will be handled through forgiveness.

This is because when people truly disconnect from that etheric, psycho-spiritual reactionary stance of feeding into the mental emotional entanglement system then that system falls flat and does not have the energy to continue the process for another cycle of spread the hate and reignite the spiritual enslavement system.

The cycle must be broken, the passing of the hate, the continuing of the fear and injury and refusal of healing.

The other point of this is that when people willfully and committedly refuse to participate in that system the only option to continue the deception and spiritual injury would be to overtly instigate such a ‘manual’ interjection of such action.

This would completely and finally expose the system, the charades, and all players within for what they really are.

As such, this would automatically breach the surface level non-interference agreement, essentially they would have to breach the agreement in order to continue the system.

As a result, the agreement would be open for all parties involved and ultimately the light-faction would be able to step in and participate in the surface level clearing of energies.

This is all an energy battle, it is of the mind. The character of humanity is being tested through these experiences and events.

The issues here are that the surface level population has already been inundated with fears as well as toxins that generate the effect of reducing the humans ease of transitioning into a higher-awareness. The fear programming is designed to confuse and obfuscate the events all around and all groups and individuals involved.

The toxins stop the energies from clarifying and along with the fear increase the likelihood of a continued reaction to the programming rather than the guidance of the self within.

The light faction is literally here to help humanity focus on the self within the immaterial self while the dark faction is attempting to increase the likelihood of lack of self-awareness to further their own agenda.

All sides are hidden and invisible until the exponential shift in both awareness or the ability to perceive the actual happenings of this world as well as the resistance and clearing efforts maximize to the point of not possibly being hidden any further.

That is the exponential shift and this all relies on which way the wavering human awareness tends to move. Ultimately, human self-awareness increases, that is the nature of the universe. Yet, delays have been in place.

Of course, this ties into the recent post regarding the swelling of the wave and the breaking of the wave front where these delays have become so tedious and numerous that they are beginning to add to the likelihood of the exposure of the self-awareness containment and resistance system.

Thus, all avenues point toward self-awareness as long as the tendency to respond to the unknown with fear is managed and transmuted from within through an active observer and experiencer aspect, IE: the immaterial self-awareness of the soul.

Along with these toxins and fear-based programming signals, a portion of the population has been adulterated to the point where they are no longer human consciousness. The full explanation is that they were never human consciousness and are essentially inserted into the timeline for this upcoming event to basically muddy the waters and increase the likelihood of fear based responses and lack of self-awareness.

We are to unify through our self-awareness and our efforts to increase the likelihood of the human race coming to higher self-awareness and generating the most possibility expanding pathway through these challenges which relies on our ability to acknowledge the higher-dimensional nature of the universe.

Basically, since these blocks or inserted aspects of the timeline rely on a superficial signal which only exists through an artificial technological process that decreases in proximity, power and likelihood with each further increasing of self-awareness, that once we become aware of what is actually happening these barriers literally begin to fade out of the perception of those in this timeline.

That is the merging of this timeline back to the original.

There are select groups that are capable of handling this task and they have been prepared accordingly.

The majority of the population will not know why this is happening, or what and then they will simply not remember the most intense parts of the shift but will wake up on a timeline or a reality where those perceptions were akin to holographic representations of the possibilities.

For those who are meant to perform this duty, they will fully know how they will be faced with the opportunity of fear and lack of self-awareness or giving away one’s power, or the opportunity to self-empowerment, transmuting fear into knowledge and higher awareness and that each successive frequency octave this is completed de-modulates the literal atomic structure of the beings, entities, waveforms, thought forms, artificial technology, synthetic intelligences, so on and so forth which have been covertly and will overtly permeating this timeline at the event of this convergence of possibilities, resistances, and increasing self-awareness.

Those who have been prepared know. Pass this information on to others you feel this belongs to or ask questions if you are interested in knowing more.

39 thoughts on “The Convergence, The Unveiling, The Collapse of the Artificial Timeline and the Migration to the Organic Timeline

  1. It’s interesting your discussion of the holographic construct we find ourselves in. It is an artificial construction maintained by technology. This technology is not originally from this timeline, but that of a parallel dimension. Still, it can be accessed. It is also may be noted due to the type of technology it is, that which is designed for use in lower frequencies it becomes increasingly frail with rising energy levels. It is already failing and revealing a truth most may not recognize as of yet.

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  2. Aug, I did a search of your site and can find no comments about the supposedly soon arrival of planet x/Nibiru causing catastrophic changes on planet. Do you know something about that? thank you


    1. There are two explanations. One is that a group would use this time and time again to cover up the shifting of consciousness and the ‘automatic’ environmental changes that occur. The other is that it is the result of a breakaway group as well as another race which exists on another planet that makes its rounds every few thousand years and this causes many environmental and electromagnetic consciousness changes.


      1. So are u saying the underground bases were not built to escape above ground devastation caused by the gravitational effects of huge object flyby after-which they would reappear on surface to inititate the nwo with 90% of population destroyed as suggested by georgia guidestones? And the world’s elite incl usa gov are Not preparing their insiders for this exact eventuality as told by gov/military insider John Moore and others ?


  3. This is all very interesting… However, I admit to having a fear of surrender after fighting the occult forces that be, for most of my life.We have been infected with toxins, DNA modifying organisms, biofilms and untold nonorganic military grade toxins by those whom have anything but higherconsciousness as a goal…. Fear is a healthy thing, imo…it keeps one alive. I can’t help but feel this all may well be a psycho babble construction out of various mind control think tanks such as Tavistock. One would have to convince me these studies weren’t financed by the stolen fortunes of empires past, grounded in hidden occult knowledge, in furtherance of the massive mind control matrix. I remain open minded, possessing abnormal cognitive abilities, but maintain a healthy warriors paranoia and respect for the enemy. This school of thought resonates of construction of misdirection with me, light on facts…long on control. Please prove me wrong…


    1. There is no way to prove you wrong, Scott, as you are choosing in alignment with your free will a path of fear. However, you can confirm this choice by noticing how it manifests to you more and more quickly and more and more often in the accelerating energies. And there is nothing ‘”wrong” choosing this experience. If instead, at some time, you decide to move your intending to following only joy, that will manifest for you increasingly. The qualities you will notice to confirm this move are isness, nowness and hereness. It can not be drowned, as you are tumbled in the transition, but the mind likes not deep water.


  4. Hi Aug, thanks for all your insight, I too check often for new posts from you. Aug are we talking years here, before our loved ones get a wake up call from within?? Or is it happening soon? I finally get the point of all my own recent personal suffering, and I have addressed my inner issues, and I have felt and released massive fear, pain and sorrow, (as best I can anyway) and I am willing to release all my false beliefs and am prepared to remain calm, balanced and self aware going forward. I know my loved one who “caused” the deep pain that brought about my healing was showing me what I needed to heal in me. And I know he also has deep healing that needs to be done. I have chosen forgiveness, and I am choosing love and the knowing that everyone has what they need inside. I’m throwing my vision into the hat, every day, but real change for those who appear to remain in a trance by the system seems like a fantasy only I am having. Do we move away from those we love Aug, or just BE peaceful love and cause change and healing that way? My heart says just be still right now, but if we are years out from this thing, I will be setting myself up for more bad times. I think we should all just wake up in our true home/world/life and say to each other “man I had the strangest dream, and it was SO real”. Then get up and start our day in the TRUE life and home we made for ourselves, being the heart based eternal creators we really are. Seamless move, no trauma felt or remembered by anyone. End of this story and on with the fun . Can you please say more about this Aug? Thank you :)


  5. I enjoy reading your blog’s and wait everyday for new posts. I would like transcend more. I am practicing and trying to follow your advice on Making heart lighter by forgiving and being more compassionate. But my day to day life commitments of work and it’s struggles are still holding me back. Can u suggest some more pointers to accelerate? Would helping others around me also help me accelerate?

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  6. so, when you suggest now is the time to ask questions… i guess i am very curious to know how many of us have been prepared for being of service at this time. and if there are lots, would those others already be in our lives as we are already waiting? anyway, thanks in advance for any guidance. xoxo


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