Agent Provocateurs, Mind-Control, Stalkers, Insulting Comments and Low and High Frequency Awareness


A friend seeing my enthusiasm and energy shift during a conversation where I began to receive interference allowed me to see my reflection in her and this proved to me how I was being manipulated. I had already known, but with the recent news disclosure being received as a mockery, where there are thousands of youth being manipulated and drained of their energy, I felt motivated to get involved for the first time in years.

When a person involves themselves with the provocateurs that operator is permitted to use advanced technology and measure their frequency on a device. This device is then uplinked to a larger network that can operate through any location there are roads or electrical energy. These devices are then capable of hijacking this electrical system and viewing that individual from afar. From this point the operator is permitted to interact with the individual through advanced technology by altering their brainwaves, or sending operatives to them to gaslight or intrude upon their space.

This is all enabled and permitted as long as the individual chooses to interact with these provocateurs on the level that the provocateurs provide for them. This is playing by “their” rules.

When it comes to this situation, one can make the choice to interact with people on the level that they interject from, or they can choose to remain in a neutral standpoint and be the observer without getting emotionally entangled.

This is a method for control and provocation of the population.

Choosing to Share and Interact

When interacting with these kinds of online personalities, we don’t have to give our energy away. We don’t have to choose to interact with them if we don’t want to. When we choose to share our opinions, our experiences, or view points we don’t have to do it in opposition to anyone else. When we choose to share, we don’t have to choose to share just because there is an argument taking place or opposing viewpoints in the venue that we’re drawn towards reviewing, sharing, and interacting through.

The Argumentative Approach

Operating in that fashion of argumentation is essentially a trick to draw one’s energy in so that a person invests their time, their creativity, and their care in applying themselves towards interacting with and in that way approving the mode of the expression of that other individual that may be insulting, negative, or entirely provocative in nature.

This is a trick to the point that some individuals are not actually genuinely offering an opinion, viewpoint, or experience and that they’re interacting according to a pre-designed script which will determine the viewpoints, responses, and engagements they are permitted to generate and incorporate.

Intentional Disruption

Ultimately, there is the idea of the agent provocateurs, both in physical reality as well as the digital or online internet reality. These people are not genuine in their perspective in that they’re literally only looking to get a rise out of another. We have the individual that is doing this out of their own enjoyment, and we have the individuals that are doing this for a method of mind-control.


The point is only when a person interacts with them and that individuals frequency lowers from being open, aware, and ready to tackle life’s issues and this drops into arguing with somebody, that is a devotion of their creative energy into a means which will not be expressed or utilized in the production of a beneficial outcome for humanity. So the idea behind that is this is a way to handle and maintain certain frequency levels in the population at large based upon a schematic for thousands of individuals that are taking part in this. In the same sense this can be preprogrammed by a computerized system that will produce a wide variety of fairly realistic response, but they will not have that human aspect to it because they will only be geared towards expressing a negation of an original appeal.

This is not personal in that regard and we have to learn how to accept the viewpoints of others without arguing and allowing our energy to lower down to an ego-consciousness. Their goal is essentially to induce an ego-consciousness in the population because when they’re in ego-consciousness they’re not in soul-awareness and soul-awareness is impervious while ego-consciousness is easily threatened and defeated.

Seeing From The Soul and Remaining Mentally and Emotionally Balanced

When one is able to remain in the soul aspect they are in connection with their self and there is an emotional, mental, and physical balance to where they’re not easily disrupted, manipulated or pushed off center. Once there is an imbalance from the centered sense of self the individual’s own entanglements will give others a means to manipulate them mentally and emotionally. Once this happens their energy becomes less than efficiently expressed or produced and this means that since the person is a reality generator they then become like an alternator that has a leak or misalignment which results in requiring more energy than it produces. In other words it leaks energy out through heat, steam, electricity, or heat from frayed wires from insulation missing, or oil leaking and so now it’s leaking energy. That leaked energy of the human bio-emissions is the entire goal because that energy can be picked back up and incorporated into a system and used against the population. That is the whole point.

This works when a person is drawn into ego-consciousness where there is a continual defensive/offensive modality and the individual must be dropped down out of soul-awareness where there is a continued learning and an unbroken awareness. By unbroken awareness refers to how in ego-consciousness the individual will go through changing modes or modalities where the individual will have to determine the next step based upon the input of the other individual and in that way the other individual will determine how that person is going to react or engage.

When there is soul-awareness the message stays the same and that individual doesn’t have to wait for what the other person says in opposition in order to formulate an offensive/defense reaction. This is going from reaction, to a continued careful, intuitive response. When it’s a continued response, this is an outpouring of what is already there. This is a continued expression of what’s within.

The Illusory Battle of the Ego

When there is only reaction, this is like a checkers or chess move everything depends on what the other individual is going to do or has done and at that point what’s being drawn forth is not entirely dependent on what’s within the original individual expressing their ideas the interaction becomes an argument which is one-sided through each move or round of play. This is broken consciousness instead of a direct and continued stream, this is more like a battle in that way. When that goes far enough, somebody loses and somebody wins. Whoever loses essentially restarts their energy, and whoever wins must continue this process in order to continue along in the same fashion. This indicates that one is in ego-consciousnes or physical body-consciousness and this introduces the idea death into the scene and the possibility that someone is going to “lose” and that there is a memory break, the gap in awareness is introduced through that.

With soul-awareness there is continued expression as if a person is singing a song this is a daily growth routine. There doesn’t have to be that loss, that break in consciousness, that forgetfulness or the concept of seeing fist to fist instead of eye to eye. With that comes imbalance and duality and essentially distraction from the self.

Play By Your Own Rules, Focus on Healing and Neutrality

That is the game that they play and you don’t have to follow that game. Play your own game. Do this by remaining in soul-awareness and choosing to accept the roles that others will play without trying to influence them or react to them. You do not have to accept those rules of engagement and you do not have to help them along in that role. You do not have to try and force them to see things your way. That is a form of attack in itself, even if they’re being manipulated to perform this in a detrimental manner for the entire society. Forcing them to see that will not work and things will sort themselves out anyway but only when there are more people interacting through soul-awareness because then those types of arguments, reactions, and individuals will have no play and thus they’ll have no opportunity to interact in that way. That would be akin to a group of people in a circle insulting each other, there is no sense, no productivity, no reason.

This only works when there is someone there to be insulted, to feel insulted, and to react in a lower frequency ego-consciousness manner.

The Disharmony Affects the Self

In a continuation of this, in the same sense when a person chooses to react negatively towards that type of disturbance they are then more likely to interact negatively towards other people and when they feel themselves making a kind of mistake like that they will react negatively towards theirself. So this is a trick to induce negativity all around more than this is an opportunity for that other individual to express something of their ideas, experiences, or viewpoints in life, this is a control method.

The 9 Veils and Mind Control

A major notion here is that this is how the political control system works. This is literally the function and operation of a portion of the mental and emotional entanglement system (veil) which draws one’s attention into a false-paradigm where there is the encouragement to participate in an illusory battle over ideals which are not relative to the truth of the self. This is literally recruiting people who have no interest in partaking in such an energy draining system by getting them to emotionally and mentally invest their energy and creativity into a non-productive pursuit which utilizes their time and energy against them to produce more of that which they do not desire to experience. That is the basis of the trap system, or the mind control that has been designed for this society.

The argumentative, ego-consciousness interactions are the rules of engagement which allow the manipulators to continually turn a person’s own energies against themselves while using this process to cover their own track and divert attention from the real threat or the truth about the situation.

The veils themselves are overlays that are placed over actual organic systems which support growth and self-expansion. When these overlays are focused, rather than the actual system, that growth and expansion is limited and redirected into a malformed procedure where the energy is tapped and the beneficial growth or learning pattern is subverted into another production often of confusion and low-energy.

This is similar to a religious “veil” overlay where an individuals energy is passed through emotional and mental support as well as money to a control system that represents the original spiritual fruits of the human being. This overlay takes the energy, the money, the power and transfers it from one layer to the next like a pyramid scheme so that the layer above always collects the majority of the energy and money.

I do not have to fight them over the ideals.
I can accept their role and pass love.
You don’t have to argue and interact. You can choose to see them for the role they are playing.
You can learn from this and enjoy your role and the contrast provided.

You can offer your perspective and your energy in a way that does not open one to vulnerabilities by not expecting or preparing to interact with those that don’t understand and don’t want to understand.

If a person wants to understand then you can interact because they will invite you to in a friendly manner. Just because a person is releasing negative energy does not indicate that they are inviting others to assist or inform them otherwise and we must respect their point of view.

In this environment there is love.

In the pain of loss there is a lesson to be learned and love to be had.

In the pain of life there is truth and enjoyment, but you are free to ignore that lesson and you will be faced with only the darkness.

Life is about choice of whether to choose to see the smaller picture which only influences some parts or to see the larger picture which influences the whole. The larger picture always encompasses a lesson that incorporates the higher and lower aspects of existence and there is no one sightedness in the whole.

The issue is that we come from a personal perspective with a limited upbringing or background which acts as a biased reservoir of information, experiences and memories to go off of so we have to expand beyond our limited view points in order to access the knowledge that is found in the whole.

Once you know if this duality you can choose to focus on the darkness or you can choose to focus on the light and what you choose to focus on will expand beyond the automatic or default form of experience

Automatic is reactionary, thoughtless, or careless. What is done in careful consideration of the whole is capable of producing knowledge, self-empowerment, and healing for all involved.

Giving Thanks and Remaining High-Awareness

When a neutralized view is attained, one can then give thanks to those who act as the negative role-players because their role is what allows us to assist in moving to a high-frequency awareness. The ego-consciousness role-players allow us to experience the contrast and choose to move to higher awareness.

We can thank them for playing this role, accept them for who they are at the moment, and through this we help everyone in the situation move to a higher-frequency.

Through arguing and lessening even our own contrast by merging with that low-energy we operate on a scale which depletes the learning potential and increasingly muddies the water. By choosing a calm, peaceful perspective of healing, we not only maintain that contrast but we do so in a way that does not utilize lower-energy methods and enables them to provide more and more of the same derogatory essences.

Remember, they do not have to agree with you, or side with you in order for you to be right.

If your energy is high and you are in control of your own bio-emission, then you are the one who carries the creative process for your own universe. The moment that is given away, is the moment one’s own self-creative abilities are lessened.

Give thanks, appreciate the others for who they are, and use each experience to further refine your own ability to handle the darkness and manage your own reactions so that you can stay in a state of carefully considered soul-awareness where each response is aligned with your original intentions based on the expression of the true immaterial self which has no limitations or loss. The soul does not die, only the ego or body-consciousness views each situation in such a manner.

Choose to utilize each experience as a process of growth, rather than an encounter with an opposing force. There is only an argument or a battle when both sides agree to join in.




4 thoughts on “Agent Provocateurs, Mind-Control, Stalkers, Insulting Comments and Low and High Frequency Awareness

    1. Yes, just relax and let it be. Fretting and fighting will not change a low-frequency person, in fact, it will reinforce them. However, showing them love, empowerment, and acceptance without playing by their rules will allow them to see and choose a new path in life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is a matter of focus, even on the very largest issues, like time lines. And focus makes nothing un true, right or wrong, good or bad, it just is: what do you want to expand… I’ve blogged this. But I forget. This was a timely reminder. Bless you!!!


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